Trigger Gumm is a four-time Guinness Book World Record holder for longest distance jump. He broke the record in Australia in May 2005 when he launched his Service Honda 500 cc motorcycle 277.5 feet, that’s over 90 yards in the air! He also has the record for height in jumping, going vertical at 80 feet high. He has been in over 15 videos since 1993. His latest world record jump was on July 23, 2006 at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma where he jumped a Roland Sands built Service Honda 450 for 274 feet, going vertical at 80 feet.

It was supposedly Trigger who dressed up like a clown and tore up a local beach on his dirt bike in one of the first freestyle moto-x videos released several years back. Wait a minute, that story is true. Whether it’s a contest, demo or private session in the back hills, Trigger seems to be attracted to the risk, excitement and wild times that moto-x offers: “What I like about it is, when you make a mistake, you make a serious-ass mistake. It ain’t just like a little fender bender. It’s pretty much blood, bones crackin’ through your skin, definitely surgeries–a lot of pain and suffering. That’s what I like about it.” It should be no surprise that each of Trigger’s many serious injuries is a badge of honor that he wears proudly.
Originally from San Clemente, California, Trigger has been around the moto-x scene quite a long time–even when you consider that he started riding relatively late in life at age 21 after breaking his ankle skateboarding. “I couldn’t skateboard anymore, so I bought a bike. Evel Knievel was probably my biggest influence,” comments Trigger. No wonder he enjoys hurtling himself across the longest jumps possible. In fact, Trigger currently holds the outright motorcycle long-distance jump world record. He smashed the previous record on May 14, 2005 at the Crusty Demons Night of World Records in Australia, launching his CR500 277.5 feet.

When avoiding the public eye, Trigger can usually be found riding his Honda by himself out in the hills, or with good friends on the weekends sometimes. In off-bike time, Trigger enjoys skateboarding, surfing, boating, hanging out with his wife and playing with animals, of which he owns many. When he’s not breaking bottles over his head while raising hell with the Metal Mulisha, he, ironically, enjoys relaxing as much as possible. Trigger’s future goals include, “Having as much fun as I can hangin’ out with my buddies and hittin’ some gaps.” Oh, and he also wants to jump a football field (300 feet). Knowing Trigger, it won’t be much of a shocker if he pulls it.

Trigger Gumm is “A Real American Hero” and a Pro Rider 4 Life. He has broken world records and most of his body. He still remains the man of steel, jumping anything and any challenging distance anybody wants to bring.

Nickname: Trigg

Birth Date: June 15th

Birth Place: San Clemente, CA

Current Residence: Mission Viejo, CA

Family: Wife and kids

Quote: "Red Dragons"

Hobbies: Skating, surfing, and flying

Started riding: 7yrs old

Turned pro: 25 yrs old

Music:  Rock

Food: Fast food

Car: Ford Van

Sponsors: Metal Mulisha, etnies, Lost, Service Honda, Roland Sands, Troy Lee, Hoven, Balls Deep, Lost Energy Drink, Michelin Tires