Todd Potter is a down-to-earth guy with incredible bike skills. The Metal Mulisha crew member brings a fresh attitude to the major contests. He is constantly working on improving the technical aspects of his biking performance. Travis Pastrana has said that Potter is one of the most technical riders he has seen. The tricks he does would not necessarily score as high as others, but they speak volumes for him and his bike control. Learning the back flip was a real challenge for the 26-year-old. He finally mastered it and ended up winning a bronze medal at the X-Games, also winning 'Best Trick', for performing a Kiss Of Death Flip. Like most of the FMX stars, Todd also likes to ride his mini-bike and loves to go free riding with his friends in Southern California. Todd’s style and tricks reflect the second generation of FMX riders, who are giving the established riders a run for their money each time they get an invitation for one of the big events. Potter’s Red Bull X-Fighters appearance in Fort Worth, Texas was remarkable even if he was not able to take a top spot. His appearance in Sydney at the end of 2011 resulted in a solid eighth place, raising hopes for a bright season in 2012. At the season opener in Dubai the Honda rider finished with a solid sixth place and used his chance to step up his game on the big track in Glen Helen to fly to victory for the first time – cheered on by the big local crowd. The second half of the season did not work quite as well as it started for the Temecula resident. After a heavy crash in Madrid, Potter had to settle for 11th. The tour-final in Sydney was the first big contest after recovering from Madrid and Potter was not quite ready to deliver, but with the 11th place in Sydney he secured a 6th overall on the 2012 Tour which allows to ride the full 2013 tour, if he wants to....

Nickname: T-Pot

Birth Date: August 9th

Hometown: Corona, California

Current Residence: Temecula, California

Family: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Girlfriend

Quote: " Never eat yellow snow"

Hobbies: Golfing, hunting, fishing, photography, cooking food, hanging out with family and friends.

First Bike: Pw50

Current Bike: Honda CRF 450 and 250

Started Riding: 5 yrs old

Turned Pro: 17 yrs old

Music: Hip Hop

Movie: Wedding Crashers

Food: Sushi

Pet: Rachael and Duke ( dogs )

First Car: Can't really remember

Current Car: Chevy 2500

Favorite TV/Film: Eastbound and Down, Cooking Channel, Gold, ESPN Sports

Favorite Magazines/Publications: Racer X, Transworld Motocross,

Sponsors: Metal Mulisha, Dragon Optical, Balls Deep Boxers, Arsenal MX, AlpineStars, RockStar Energy Drink

  • 2012

    • Summer X Games - Bronze Medal Moto X Best Whip
    • Red Bull X Fighters ( Glen Helen ) - 1st Place Moto X Freestyle
  • 2011

    • Summer X Games - Silver Medal Moto X Best Whip
    • Monster Energy Cup - 3rd Place Moto X Best Trick
  • 2010

    • Summer X Games - Gold Medal Moto X Best Whip
  • 2009

    • Summer X Games - Gold Medal Moto X Best Whip
    • Summer X Games - Bronze Medal Moto X Best Trick
  • 2008

    • Summer X Games - Gold Medal Moto X Best Whip
    • Summer X Games - Bronze Medal Moto X Best Trick
  • 2007

    • Summer X Games - Bronze Medal Moto X Best Trick
    • AST Dew Tour ( Orlando ) - 3rd Place Moto X Freestyle
    • AST Dew Tour ( Orlando ) - 2nd Place Moto X Freestyle