Paul Langlands will try most things once and if he likes it, he will most likely do it again. He is probably the most impatient person in the world which sets himself for going out and throwing down some of the biggest tricks possible! He is a firm believer in never giving up and will take any challenge given to him. Langers has faced challenges in his career with taking on massive injuries but turing them in to success with quick recoveries sacking up! Besides from  his mellow personality, Paul is definitely the friend you want to bring to the bar... if you cross him your most likely in a world of hurt.

Nickname: Langers

Birth Date: February 23rd

Hometown: Cambridge, New Zealand

Current Residence: Cambridge, New Zealand

Family: Two brothers

Quote: "Get it done"

Hobbies: Digging jumps, keeping fit and healthy, partying, getting loose whatever it be and having fun doing it!

First Bike: Camo green Avanti 'Scrambler'

Current Bike: ABD 'Reno'

Started Riding: 5 years old started racing BMX, have also raced downhill and 4x

Turned Pro: 2012

Music: Listen to most genres as long as it's good.. favourites would have to be Parkway Drive, Hilltop Hoods, Hatebreed and 65daysofstatic

Movie: Compression

Food: Chicken! Chicken anything.. kebabs, pizza, burgers, pasta, nachos, burritos anything it's all delicious as!

Pet: Haven't got one nor ever owned one, too much responsibility for me I reckon haha

First Car: 1985 Mazda 323 Wagon, eventually ended up taking the springs out to lower it to the max!!

Current Car: Daily drive a Toyota Corolla but also own a 1979 Mazda rx7

Favorite TV/Film: Fight Club

Favorite Magazines/Publications: 2020 BMX Mag, as it always has lots of NZ/Aus content!

Sponsors: METAL MULISHA! ABD Bikes, DVS shoes, T Whites Bike shop

  • 2012

    • Red Bull Roast It - 1st Place BMX
    • Red Bull Backyard Digger - 1st Place BMX
    • New Zealand Dirt Series Tour - 1st Place BMX Overall
    • Parslow's IT IS WHAT IT IS Jam - 1st Place BMX
    • Teva Slopestyle - 1st Place Best Trick BMX
    • X Fest Lords Of Dirt Round 1 - 2nd Place BMX
    • X Fest Lords Of Dirt Round 2 - 2nd Place BMX
    • X Fest Lords Of Dirt Final - 1st Place BMX Overall
    • Red Bull Empire Of Dirt - 10th Place BMX
    • Vans Kill The Line - 10th Place BMX
  • 2011

    • New Zealand Farm Jam - 1st Place BMX
    • Red Bull Dirt Pipe - 2nd Place BMX
    • New Zealand Dirt Series Tour - 1st Place Overall
    • New Zealand Dirt Open - 1st Place