Julian Dusseau

Nickname: Juls

Birth Date: February 22nd

Hometown: Arcata, California

Current Residence: Temecula, California and Arcata, California

Family: Got the old lady and a beautiful daughter

Quote: “Life Is What You Make It”

Hobbies: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, Snowboarding

First Bike: 79 XR80

Current Bike: YZ250

Started Riding: 10 yrs old

Turned Pro: 17 yrs old

Music: Hip Hop, Metal, Punk.. little of everything else

Movie: Super Troopers

Food: Anytime

Pet: Suger and Gizmo ( dogs )

First Car: 88 Toyota Pickup

Current Car: 06 Toyota Tacoma

Favorite TV/Film: Weed Country

Favorite Magazines/Publications: Racer X, Transworld, Sports Illustrated

Sponsors: Metal Mulisha, Rockstar, Humboldt Nuitrients, Alpinestars, Dragon,Visual Concepts, Deft, Pro-Taper, FMF