Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Explaining Jimmy Fitzpatrick in a few words would be nearly impossible. Dirt bikes came into his life during family trips to the desert, primarly Ocotillo Wells. In his younger years Fitz was on a different direction of sports, taking on Aquatic High Diving. Once his family moved to a 54 acre vineyard propriety in Temecula, he turned his skills from flipping into water over to flipping a dirt bike onto dirt. Brian Deegan, Twitch, Larry Linkogle, Todd Potter and the rest of the Mulisha crew began to build jumps over at Fitzpatrick’s propriety. Fitz entered the Spike Camp Crusty Demon Reality Show and ended up claiming the title as the winner. Fitz than became a member of the Metal Mulisha family and has been fucking shit up ever since! He has taken on Freestyle demos all around the world making a name for himself and some of the biggest KOD flips in the action sports industry. Fitzpatrick also has quite a wrapsheet of accomplishements from all the contest and debuts he has entered.


Nickname: Jammer, Fitz, JFitzo

Birth Date: January 22nd

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Current Residence: Temecula, CA

Family: It’s a massive list, lets leave it at that.

Quote: “Smooth”

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, boating, desert trips, bar fights, traveling, hanging out with friends and family.

First Bike: PW50

Current Bike: CRF450

Started Riding: Age 5

Turned Pro: Age 20

Music: Slayer, Machine Head, Rob Zombie, 5 Finger Death Punch

Movie: Scarface

Food: Mexican

Pet: A few chickens, a pig, full pack of dogs

First Car: �74 Cutlass Supreme

Current Car: Ford F150

Favorite TV/Film: Monster Garage, ESPN, Speed Channel, FOX Sports, Discovery, Comedy Centeral, Eastbound and Down.

Favorite Magazines/Publications: Transworld Motocross, ESPN Sports, Racer X, Freerider

Sponsors: Metal Mulisha, Hoven, Osiris Shoes, Arsenal MX, Balls Deep Boxers, Audio Bahn, Zyntel Racing, 79 South Motorsports, Alpinestars, RockStar Energy Drink