Jeremy Lusk

Jeremy Lusk is the definition of a Freestyle Motocross warrior. He emerged into the sport quickly taking the spotlight as one of the greatest Freestyle athletes in the world. Lusk dominated any competition or event he touched. His wrap sheet includes a long list of successful accomplishments led together with the Metal Mulisha team. In 2009 we lost our friend Jeremy Lusk to a tragic crash on a horrible night in Costa Rica. Some say it feels like it happened just yesterday, for others it feels like a lifetime ago. Either way the pain is fresh and everyone misses having Jeremy in their life. Whether it is Jeremy’s family, friends or fans, he touched and inspired each and every one in a unique way, and he will be deeply missed and never forgotten.This tragedy brought light to how dangerous the sport of Freestyle Motocross is, and has inspired change in a good way. People rally to help riders and their families in tough times. The Lusk Legacy Foundation generated a lot of money to support the Lusk family. Safety is the #1 priority. Seeing riders without a neck brace is now a strange sight. The formation of the AFMXA and the effort and passion of many have put in place programs to make contests, demos and international travel safer for professional and amateur riders, alike. Safety and life saving courses, Medivac coverage, legal consulting, and much more. We know Jeremy would be proud that his passing, though tragic and untimely, brought about real change and is helping many people.


Nickname: Pitbull

Birth Date:November 26th

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current Residence:Temecula, CA

Family:Lauren ( wife )

Quote:Let the ladies eat, yeah!�

Hobbies:Hanging out with friends, family, shooting guns, training MMA, traveling to new spots like Rome.

First Bike: PW50

Current Bike:Yamaha YZ 250

Started Riding:Age 3

Turned Pro:Age 19

Music:Hip Hop and Metal

Movie:Road House


First Car:Chevy Cavalier

Current Car:BMW, Escalade, Honda Accord

Favorite TV/Film: Blue TorchTV

Favorite Magazines/Publications:Transword Motocross

Sponsors:Rockstar Energy Drink, Osiris Shoes, Von Zipper, Motoworld, FMF, OGIO, Alpinestars, Skull Candy