Jeff “Ox” Kargola

The day of April 29th symbolizes the loss of an icon, brother, friend, athlete and Metal Mulisha family member. In 2011 on this very day, the consequence we all suffered was the loss of such an inspiring individual, Jeff Ox Kargola. Ox lived the beach life in San Clemente, CA while climbing up the ranks as a rising star in freestyle motocross. Ox began his first course into moto at the age of 12 with an overpowering outcome, becoming a professional athlete at 16. As the largest rider in the WX field, (6’2″ and weighing over 200lbs), Ox uses his powerful riding style to pull tricks like the backflip Superman seat grab and it pays off and his signature trick, the Oxecutioner. Ox was ranked first in the 2004 WFA series in Best Trick and took home a 5th place in XG’04 Best Trick. One of the biggest riders in Moto X at 6’3″, 220 lbs., as well as one of the youngest (20), Ox learned the backflip in November 2003, and says, “now they’re super easy.” Ox spends most of his time traveling the world to put on demos. As a wildcard, the Ox received his Winter X invitation on just four days before the 2002 Winter X Big Air. He cancelled a trip to Chile to attend. He competed in the X Games in Philly performing his signature “Oxecutioner”, but ended up finishing poorly when he crashed trying to land it with no hands and bent his handlebars.

Ox raised the bar in all FMX contest along with X Games, from 2001 through 2010 claiming a silver medal in the Best Trick at Winter X in 2005. Jeff alsotook on a personal challenge with the guidance of his close friend Sonny Garcia to surf Waimea Bay. As an avid surfer from San Clemente, most would never step into the waters of a fully peaked 25ft+ wave. He pulled it just like he said he would. Ox transferred his success from moto and started racing off-road SuperLite trucks in the Lucas Off-Road Racing Series. With the little amount of time spent racing in short course, Ox advanced himself into sixth place after four stops on the series while grabbing the attention of competitors.Ox also held a passion for the desert and beaches of Baja Mexico. Ox along with his close friend and teammate Colton Udall, took the overall motorcycle victory in the SCORE San Felipe 250 desert race for Johnny Campbell Racings Factory Honda team. Jeff annually contributed his time on the Rip To The Tip with fellow friends and riders while exploring the 1,376 mile Baja adventure. Sadly in 2011, Ox passed away after a crash on the Rip Baja ride; peacefully leaving us all with enjoyable memories and thoughts of how remarkable of a person he truly was. We want Jeff Ox Kargola to be remembered as a friend, family member and one of the greatest athletes ever. He was never one to back down from any challenge life had to offer him on or off the track, surfing, Baja racing or truck racing. To Jeff, there was never a question of there being any consequences, especially doing something he loved.


Nickname: Ox

Birth Date: November 29

Hometown: San Clemente, California

Current Residence: San Clemente, California

Family: ( mom ), Tanner ( brother ) ( sister )

Quote:Your life is what you make it! and ” Five drink minimum”

Hobbies: Surfing, Baja with friends, fishing, fitness, hanging out with family and friends and giving Potter a hard time all the time.

First Bike: YZ 80

Current Bike: Honda CRF 450

Started Riding: Age 12

Turned Pro: Age 16

Music:Anything hard and fast

Movie:The Big Lebowski

Food: Mexican

Pet:Queensland Heeler named Pooter

First Car: Hammered out Ford F150

Current Car: General Tire Toyota Tundra

Favorite TV/Film: Fuel Tv, Blue Torch, ESPN, Speed Channel , Fox Sports

Favorite Magazines/Publications: Racer X, ESPN Sports, Transworld MX, Mulisha blog,

Sponsors:Metal Mulisha, Lost Clothing, Osiris Shoes, Boost Mobile, Dragon Optical, FMF, RG3 Suspension, JCR Honda, General Tire, Monster Energy Drink.