Colin Morrison has been part of the crew since day one. Colin began riding at a young age but was never interested in the so called "Preppy" race scene. His "rough around the edges" appearance and rebellious ways led him to the FMX lifestyle. Colin had the drive to succeed in this industry and knew, if he stayed true to himself and his abilities, it would eventually pay off. In 2010 Colin started taking huge steps to becoming remembered as an FMX Pioneer when he became one of the first FMX riders to be in a motion picture. Colin plays a lead roll in the movie"BRO" and is also in the works on completing a documentary on his childhood to prestige autobiography. One of his biggest accomplishemts was pulling out of the hardcore lifestyle and becoming sober leading his life in a more positive outlook. Scummy now reaches out to people in need to help assist them fight the issues he once had.

Nickname: Scummy.

Birth Date: May 16th.

Hometown: Moorpark, CA.

Current Residence: Calabasas, CA.

Family: John ( dad ), Jean ( mom ), Megan ( sister ), Ashley ( soon to be wife ).

Quote: “F.S.U: Fuck Shit Up!”

Hobbies: Attacking life head-on.

First Motorcycle: 1985 YZ 80.

Currently Rides: Honda CR 450.

Turned Pro: 16 years old.

Music: Mötley FUCKING Crüe.

Movie: Saving Private Ryan and any movie based on World War II.

Food: Mexican.

Pet: Two dogs – Lenny and Yogi.

First Car: Ford Ranger.

Current Car: Ford F-150.

Favorite TV / Film: World War II in color.

Favorite Magazine / Publications: Crusty, Transworld, Racer X, any moto mag.

Pet Peeve: People who talk too much.

Sponsors: Metal Mulisha, Scumm Bag, DVS, Mentom Eyeware , BLUR, Alpinstars, Dirt Candy Graphics, MSR and Nikko Helmets.

  • 2011

    • BRO - The Movie
    • Black Friday - Metal Mulisha Movie
  • 2007

    • Stunt Junkies Television Show
    • Vans Warp Tour
  • 2002

    • Summer X Games - Bronze Medal Moto X Step Up
    • Vans Warp Tour
  • 2001

    • Summer X Games - Bronze Medal Moto X Step Up
    • Claimed The Record For The Longest Dirt-To-Dirt Distance Jump In The World.
    • Vans Warp Tour
  • 2000

    • First Freestyle Motocross Athlete To Attempt The Infamous Train Jump