X Games First Practice Photos!

We just got some photos in of yesterday’s practice from Tedesco. The course is a little one directional, but the guys kinda like it anyway. Everyone is feeling good and ready for the big show. Check out the first X Games Photo Gallery for now, but check back tonight for coverage from Best Trick and Best Whip.

Check out both events LIVE tonight on ESPN and ESPN2.
9PM-11PM EST – ESPN – Best Trick
Midnight-1AM EST – ESPN2 – Best Whip

Subtract 3 hours for Pacific time…

8 Responses to “X Games First Practice Photos!”

  1. I saw you out in Texas and you guys are BAD ASS

    Posted By Andrew Powell on
  2. I just read on expn.com that Niki Danielson is out of X Games from a huge crash. I think they said broken both legs and elbow. Is tht rite?

    Posted By MATT P on
  3. The Mulisha going to dominate like always

    Posted By Bret Sinnett on
  4. MM kickin ass and taking names!

    Posted By GoobA on
  5. i saw u guys there

    Posted By Arty on
  6. I was at the Home Depot Center today but I missed the FMX practice. I saw Twitch though! But he was off talking to some racer. I will be there tomorrow for FMX Eliminations!!! Good luck Metal Mulisha boys!

    Posted By Kevin on
  7. u guys better kick some ass. but i know u guys will. twitch, lusk, potter, u guys are the guys to beat in freestyle and u better show up on the podium.

    Posted By josh delafrance (mini mulisha) on
  8. whuts up with potter

    Posted By Your Name on

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