WARNING: Graphic Content – Brian Deegan Surgery Video

See what Brian Deegan goes through during one of his many surgeries in this video. If you have a weak stomach you probably shouldn’t watch…if not, enjoy!

31 Responses to “WARNING: Graphic Content – Brian Deegan Surgery Video”

  1. \o/

    Posted By LoreX on
  2. Brutal!! Baby!! Yikes............

    Posted By Stephanie Vallejo on
  3. awww......flasbacks

    Posted By Gio on
  4. Siiickkkkk!

    Posted By Victorie Marie on
  5. well brian it really runs in the family this past week i had my 58th surgery so guy hang in there you are one hell of a guy my heart goes out to you take care your aunt sonia from texas love ya brian

    Posted By sonia munoz saenz on
  6. Damn General!! That was pretty gnarly!! Let's try to stay outta there, but it looks like you had a good team working on ya!!

    Posted By Chris Blackmore on
  7. Yup. Been there, done that! The good ol days.

    Posted By East County on
  8. Brrrapp.. Dr.Chow eh? I need this hardware unscrewed from my collarbone aswell ... Stripping Screws is the Worst .. .

    Posted By Mr.Foss on
  9. dude thats rough.

    Posted By mxmonster891 on
  10. wtf is goin on hahaha its yuckyyyyyyy well i no wat u jst went through saught f haha yuck

    Posted By jake on
  11. Video is excellent good job !!

    Posted By troop on
  12. thats pretty narley dude

    Posted By jon on
  13. fuckin knarrly...
    damn deeg. that shit was sick.
    i got a plate in my rist from casing a down hill double...

    Posted By jake on
  14. Disposable Hero -

    Posted By Jesse Kilgore on
  15. thanks to dr.wiss and all the staff at so cal orthopedic institute. we would be out of comission without them. whutup deeg?

    Posted By dirtbiker#5 on
  16. You are one tough dude...but hopefully you pulled through it like the champ that you are. Keep up the hard work.

    Posted By Eatn Smoke on
  17. You got that right, I have seen so many surgerys and seen so much pain in this sport. I also work in the medical/psychiatric field and you extreme dirt bikers are absolutely nut! But I still love the sport and suport my boy, at age 19 he has already got arthrits, popped his shoulder out numerous times and broke ribs!
    Hats off to you!!
    Sher Bear

    Posted By Sher Pentz on
  18. Damn... hope i'm never behing you in an airport... you must hate metal detectors! Seriously, that is gnarly man but you'll be back showing the Noobs how to ride a bike!

    Hop for a quick recovery.


    Posted By Alan Key on
  19. That crazy you had to get it done....but you needed it so its a good thing its over!!
    I hope you get better really fast and your out ridin again!

    Posted By Pocahontas on
  20. Cool!

    Now we know what Deegan looks like from the INSIDE. ;-D

    Posted By Leslee on
  21. all i can say man is that shit is fucked up just hurry up and get back on that bike and show us what ur best at doin take care and peace out

    Posted By Pure on
  22. That is why I didn't go to nursing school. Gives me the willies just watching it.

    Posted By H on

    Posted By tommy on
  24. It t hink its time to ride and have fun. You made your mark in this world> You now have people that need you. Its important that you don't let them down, If you know what I mean. Thanks for everything you've givin us. Now take it easy and enjoy DAM IT! NO MORE BODY PARTS TO SPARE.

    Posted By lucas on
  25. Haha yea those suck don't they? I have had one on my right wrist and they had to go in again to fix it because when I was riding I fucked up and broke my wrist again. And I have broken both ankles and they still have the plates and shit in them.

    Posted By Gil on
  26. Damn doot, that sucks, i know how ya feel. Two years ago i over shot a booter on my sled and ripped my wrist back to my elbow. tore three tendons and now i dont have any feelling in my hand. get better

    Posted By liska on
  27. I had to do a lot off those it sucks.

    Posted By kyle purdum on
  28. geeeze mann thats siiicknesss very sweet love the vid man hope for the best and not to happen agen ay
    rick fmr.

    Posted By rickfmr on
  29. wow that must of really sucked....oh welli t had to be done.....hope u feel better and our able to kick even more ass then u could.....and when u dumb crakp try not to get hurt...we don't need to lode one of the best riders!

    Posted By Tabitha McGaha on
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  31. I love Wendys

    Posted By Jay Weidert on

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