Todd Leduc Monster Jam Freestyle Champion

Todd Leduc came out swinging last night at the Monster Jam World Finals (XV), in Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium! The stadium was packed with thousands of fans from around the world, all to attend one the most anticipated event in Monster Jam.

Metal Mulisha Monster Jam Driver Todd Leduc

Todd was flying back and forth from the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series held in Arizona, racing his PRO4; out to the ‘city of sin’ Freestyling the Metal Mulisha Monster Truck in Monster Jam. Stacked… we’d say so, and I don’t even think Leduc had time to change his racing suit! Before Todd rolled out to the lineup of drivers in the Freestyle category, he just kept calm, focused and ready to go big. Going big was obviously an understatement! ( check out how nuts this video is below )

Todd punched it, giving the truck everything its got while flying into the stadium with the biggest most mental air of the night literally claiming the throne and finished up his run with some style. Everyone was on their feet, the fans where pumped as Todd took home his first-ever Monster Jam Freestyle World Championship Title!

Metal Mulisha Monster Jam Driver Todd Leduc

Metal Mulisha Monster Jam Driver Todd Leduc

“I am speechless! Who would have ever thought Todd LeDuc would ever win a world title? I remember watching Dennis (Anderson) and Tom (Meents) saying one day I would be that guy. I was that guy tonight and pulled off a world title. You guys are all the best. I have done so many different motorsports, but the Monster Jam fans are the best. I want to thank Lee O’Donnell for helping me get in the sport, I am just speechless. Thank you everyone.”Todd Leduc

Congratulations Todd on your insane success this year in the Metal Mulisha truck. You’re a certified badass!

Metal Mulisha Monster Jam Driver Todd Leduc

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4 Responses to “Todd Leduc Monster Jam Freestyle Champion”

  1. Just purchased the Metal Mulisha Silverado!!! Insane truck!!!

    Posted By Smallz on
  2. Todd is an awesome guy. Truly deserved this win! He does this week in and week out for Monster Jam. Great to see him and the Metal Mulisha brand making some noise! Now go get em in Lucas Oil Off Road! Congrats!

    Posted By Bobby on
  3. You are the man! PS, big balls!!!.

    Posted By maysenaze on
  4. Todd that was the most INSANE freestyle I've ever seen keep it up buddy

    Posted By sheldon on

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