The Wild Side

Animal Prints

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about fierce animal prints! I like to switch things up between either my¬† MM Perennial Hoodie or rockin my MM Sphynx Carryall purse. We wanna know which leopard print colors are your favorite? Give us your top 3!

A.) Pink leopard
B.) Snow leopard
C.) Classic leopard
D.) Red leopard

Perennial Hoodie

Perennial Top
Sphynx Carryall

Booming Tote

8 Responses to “The Wild Side”

  1. I would say c is my top, then b then d.... I dont really like pink so a does nothing for me!! Posted By Ashley on

  2. I love them all but pink is supper cute so A Posted By Alexis on

  3. A,B,D !! Posted By Kristen on

  4. Absolutely A-B-D Posted By Luxi on

  5. C is my first favorite then B and for my last pick I would choose D Posted By teaa chase on

  6. 1.C 2.B 3.D Posted By Jazmin Rae Chavez on

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