The Making of: On the Pipe 6

Jay Schweitzer is continuing his tradition filming the all new On the Pipe 6 film which will release October 2010. The whole Metal Mulisha crew showed up at the Compound to ride. Hagy, Faisst, Twitch, Deegan, Taka, Fitzpatrick, Garland and so many more all wanted to have a spot in this new film!

Metal Mulisha Compound

The Metal Mulisha Compound was going off, like a outdoors X Games/Nuclear Cowboyz on steroids. Scummy and Maddo were hitting the 160ft jump while the mob of riders head out to Deegan’s Natural Terrain Park from the Compound.

Ryan "Fluffer" Hagy

Twitch and Potter took a couple shots at the 160 footer and throttled up some speed, both backflipping the massive dirt hit!

Todd Potter

Taka and the rest of the boys starting getting pumped up and went trick for trick all trying to out-do each other for bragging rights. Jay was up in the chopper with his crazy to expensive “Red” camera capturing this epic riding session all on film.

On The Pipe 6

The wind started to pickup after a few hours of riding, but with everyone’s adrenaline pumping they head over to Deegan’s freestyle park to finish off the day. Potter who will be completing in this years X Games “Best Whip” competition once again was throwing down some ridiculous text book whips!

Todd Potter

The day went will for the first filming of the Mulisha crew and Jay was stoked to add this footage to his film On The Pipe 6!

Check out some of Jays camera equipment and check out some of the photos from the riding session.

19 Responses to “The Making of: On the Pipe 6”

  1. CAN'T WAIT :)

    Posted By IRELAND (mom) on
  2. Hell ya! SICK FUCKING PHOTOS! WOWO 160ft!

    Posted By Hank on
  3. Yeah ther some of the best ryders out there... And i love the OTP movies.. BUT IT BRAKES MY HEART TO SEE THOSE POACHING VIDEOS grow up

    Posted By max on
  4. Hey what's up mulisha I live right around the corner...where's the invite

    Posted By Jay roach on
  5. The camaras ar always stuck on todd potter doing the same whip or a backflip. why is todd jumping ramps for a natural terrain video? Whats natural about deegans natural terrain park? Its a perfectly bulldozed lip and perfect landing. I got 9 tresspassing tickets before poaching was "poaching" and or "cool". shits a thousand dollar misdemeanor,,, everytime they get worse. eventually 6 months in LA county jail where the real tuff guys are.

    Posted By Dickie Long on
  6. Is twitch backflipping 160 feet on a 4 stroke? it looks like potters doing an underflip on that jump. sick shit. i cant wait to get it. fuck you dickie small, you probably turned gay because of jail. shut the fuck up. MM for lyfe!

    Posted By WideOpen951 on
  7. Hey moron. U live in the 951? I'd love to meet you at starbucks. I run the 951 got it tatted up. go back to middle school you punk ass chump

    Posted By dickie Long on
  8. It seems like DICKIE SLOW cant run from the 5-O like a REAL tuff guy. REAL Mulisha troops dont hate on ANYTHING the General says or does! Follow your chain of command!

    Posted By MRCRA3YKIBLER on
  9. Dickie, obviously your a homo, but besides the obvious, your not a pro rider that makes money riding and no one gives a shit about you. You run the 951...? Is that suppose to be scary because you have a scary tattoo and you went to jail? Your a joke! Let me guess you went to jail to for some tuff guy bro shit too. Listen fag no one gives two shits about you riding and your 951 cool guy talk so stick that soap you love to drop in your mouth and shut up. And meet at a starbucks? Haha! Queer! Pleae give ne your typical threating come back and shove it in ur ass. Metal Mulisha is crazy! Potter , Deegan, Twitch, you guys kick ass! I wish you all the best in X games along with the rest of the crew! Good racing this weekendI watched it live! , MM for life!

    Posted By Trent on
  10. hshs owned and served, great picturs

    Posted By Hank on
  11. I always wanted to poach a golf courcee and completly fuck it up. theres natural hits everywhere on any cource. I bet i could do ten thousands of dollers in damage in 10 minutes. hope thats in the new video. Dickie no dick> go back where you came from loser. u can only talk shit on the computer because the mulisha would kick your ass in real life. go watch the WNBA you pussy

    Posted By Red Ryder on
  12. great pictures!

    Posted By Vanessa on
  13. dickie the douche

    Posted By Austin on
  14. hahahaha all this hate its funny...everyone has an opinion on something, give yours, move on and go ride.

    Posted By TOM on
  15. Metal Mulisha... Fuck shit up. fuck authority. fuck police. I cant stand pussys talking shit about the mulisha. they need to jump off cliffs. if my bitch tells me i cant ride i slap the ho. fuck that shit. i'm riding whether i have kids are not. Nobody going to stop me from Fucking shit up. 2 strokes 4evvver. FSU. I hate fags like lance corey and nate adams

    Posted By TheDevilRides on
  16. Oooh, I like both of those. Which would you be more comfortable in? I know that you love wearing tights and those types of tops, although the maxi would be really summery!

    Posted By Raquel Ishihara on
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  19. If you misspell "militia", why not also misspell "metal"? Keep the the theme solid throughout, I say.

    Posted By Confused on

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