Rockstar Mayhem Fest

Rockstar Mayhem Fest - Metal Mulisha
The Rockstar Mayhem Fest Kicks off today in Seattle, WA and will spread the mayhem across the United States for the next month straight. Some bad ass bands are on the ticket, as well as the Metal Mulisha! The Rockstar Metal Mulisha Demo team consisting of Derek Garland, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Ryan Hagy and Jonny Ebenol will be at all stops goin’ big!

Check out the tour dates and locations and make sure to head out to a show near you!

If you’re in the So-Cal area then you are pumped. Deegan, Faisst, Twitch, Taka, Potter, Lusk and more will be at the Glen Helen Pavilion stop of the tour this Sunday to ride, party and sign autographs! You don’t wanna miss it!

14 Responses to “Rockstar Mayhem Fest”

  1. i wish i could go FUCK@#!#E~!!!!!!!@#!$^&*(*&^%~$#~!!$^!%>>#!^$?%#~>!#?^%!$ Posted By Erik on

  2. fuck yea!!! ill be at the san diego show Posted By Jeff on

  3. See you boys in Toronto. S. Posted By BKT INC. on

  4. TORONTO baby! I am stoked for thissss. Posted By Hanzilla on


  6. Hey I got to the show this Saterday, been trying to find out if you can bring cameras. Does anyone know if you can. Posted By Brian Yanko on

  7. yoh!i really love motocross but i dont have a from philippines..can u gave me some of ur old bikes even if its broken i will fixed it here..thanx Posted By bagz on

  8. Dude Im kinda bummed out now. I forgot X-games was this weekend. Theirs going to be like no one from the Mulisha at Pittsburgh now. Everyone is competing. I feel lied to. Posted By Brian Yanko on

  9. Hell Yeah, I'll See You Guys In Indiana At The Mayhem Fest. Posted By John John on

  10. goin to the show in indy-dont really give a fuck about only 3 or 4 bands.just wanna know what time the mulisha ridez-thats what i wanna see so someone lemme know what time the mulisha"set"is!!!!!! Posted By cadyy662 on

  11. Derek Garland and Jonny Ebanal at MAYHEm Festival in Atlanta August 12th 2008. They were kick ass. DJ Starscream (Sid #0 from Slipknot was DJ for them) I had signatures and they were ruined in the rain, lol. At least I met them... rock on!!! Posted By VOLGADON on

  12. Hey does anyone know what happened to Twitch's bike at X-games? Posted By Gaff on

  13. Hell yea boys cant waite till tomorow going to get all fucked up and head my way to indy!!!! Posted By kyle on

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