Poached: What’s Next?

Whats Next

We are asking you our fans, What’s Next for our Metal Mulisha Poaching ads? If you can come up with any idea’s, know any good spots, or passed by something you think that needs to be Poached, we want to know about it. All you have to do is leave a comment and give us the details on your idea for our next Poach. Who knows you just might see your spot in our next ad.

102 Responses to “Poached: What’s Next?”

  1. Do wheelies on the freeway with the whole mulisha crew...Be badass then have Tedesco take shots of it from on top visual. I could picture it, would be bad in twmx. kinda dangerous though but would be pretty sick.Mulisha! Down for life!

    Posted By Joshua B. on
    • Brian Deegan
      you should jump ur rally truck over a river and have 2 mx riders jump the opiste way right beside u it would look sick.

      Posted By Chance on
  2. Ride the old road by the Hollywood sign ! Throw some FMX in with the sign in the background!

    Posted By Anton S. on
  3. Ride wheelies down Venice Beach or a Beach, Jump off a pier... Ride straight into the waves with a paddle tire and see how far out you can get!

    Posted By Henry on
  4. Poach the brand new Hoover Dam "Pat Tillman" Bridge connecting Nevada and Arizona. You could take pictures and video from the Hoover Dam. I have actually already scoped it out and it would be pretty sick.

    Posted By Marine Corps Mulisha on
  5. Poach the Baker, CA Worlds Biggest Thermometer by pulling up to it with your standard trick show ramps and throw some tricks up with the Thermometer in the background.

    Posted By Marine Corps Mulisha on
  6. Poach an outdoor Political rally.

    Posted By Marine Corps Mulisha on
  7. You guys gotta poach a soccer game!

    Posted By nate on
  8. you guys need todo a poach with the bomb squad. they are a group of QUAD RIDERS that do free style. or at least so something that has todo with quads cuz I'm sick of all the dirtbikers everywhere! oh and ur next poach should be of an up comin gril quad rider like me!
    - sarah moore #375

    Posted By sarah moore on
  9. make a dirt lip on the side of a freeway on or off ramp an gap the road

    Posted By Daniel Upson on
    • thats my idea it will be raw flipping over a car or just doning a normal d
      trick over a car

      Posted By TJ Bettencourt on
  10. poach the saint george utah skatepark but let me know first cuz i wanna be there

    Posted By Jesse on
  11. The hole metal mushu crew should do stunts in a skate park then start to chase the riders round the skate park that would be funny. By the way I want in metal mushu I want to be a rider.

    Posted By Kyle mercer on
  12. What about jumping down the stair set beside the Oceanside Pier? Some dude got railed on a BMX bike a handful of years ago and since then I don't think it's been attempted......

    Posted By J Kelley on
  13. The old Detroit train station roof in all of its graffiti glory with the ambassador bridge in the background.

    Posted By Shap on
  14. Poach the Nuclear Reactors that looks like a big set of tits on the 5 Freeway near San Onofre, CA.

    Posted By Marine Corps Mulisha on
  15. back flip highway 62 do it

    Posted By gary fischer on
  16. Wall ride or set up wall in Times Square!!or poach an aircraft carrier!!or alkatraz!!

    Posted By Steve Mohr on
    • Photograph a huge wall ride wall with all the massive screens in back ground and feed your own mulisha images onto the screens

      Posted By Steve Mohr on
  17. poach the fuckin white house sheeeet

    Posted By cody on
  18. how about a parade lap at 2011 A1 just before 250 main ?????????????

    Posted By tom on
  19. Poach Bakersfield, CA!!!

    Posted By Kevin on
  20. [...] Source: http://staging.metalmulisha.com/blog/2010/10/poached-whats-next/ [...]

    Posted By Poached: What?s Next? | Today World on
  21. i think you guys should come to Arkansas and poach the golf course on chicot road on a saturday, but before you get there call me cause i want to see it.

    Posted By cody stone on
  22. Theres a real old school slow moving steam train w/ passengers, A nice piece of ashphalt that has no traffic on it, and all the time we could ask for where I'm from. I want a big train of backflips jumping over it. The trains done for the season but next summer lets do it. The trains only about 15ft tall at most. I've got the ramp and landing you guys just have to bring your bikes up to Alberta. If you do come we have about 4 other sick poaches we could do to make the trip worth while.

    Posted By RAIRDAN on
  23. ok, you know the long ass pools that go down the lawns between the capitol building and the washington memorial(big pencil in dc)? throw a jump over those pools with on of the 2 buildings in the background, and have someone hydroplaning the pools right as someone goes flying tover them, or sumthin. but i think the nations capitol would be a bad ass place to poach...

    Posted By Dustin on
  24. Attn: Brian Deegan
    I currently live in a pretty small city on the east coast of South Florida and I have been reading some of the ideas and while alot of them sound good I see a few that sound very interesting but are simply not possible... I mean come on now , the pools at the Washington monument, good luck with homeland security. So the point of this letter is that I have a spot in my neck of the woods next to a very overpopulated high school.... Yes the very same one I was expelled from for fighting about a decade ago , this property is adjacent to a gigantic dirt quarry with what I would consider equivalent to the huge step ups I've seen in places like Ocotillo Wells in SoCal. It is fenced in and plastered with Keep Out and No Tresspassing signs everywhere... The bottom line is, I'm a business man and I dont wanna really give away my ideas so , contact me at your earliest convenience and we can plan this the right way... And noone goes to jail and/or the hospital

    Thank you , John Fossati

    Posted By John Fossati on
  25. poach an over pass thats not so big and lazyboy over it. or backflip over a parked city bus. the A1 idea is a good one to.

    Posted By Justin Nooney on
  26. I think it would be The Greatest Paoched ever if you guy take me arond Vegas I can show you several perfect road jumps with landmarks in the background Vegas Baby Westcoast

    Posted By Steve Howard on
  27. If I could only spell and Twitch would only call me back!

    Posted By Steve Howard on
  28. Do a Freestyle Demo On A Naval LPD 20. Right on the flight deck...or jump from ship to ship! USS Greenbay to ronald reagan ship...would be an awesome sight!

    Posted By Daniel Gregory on
  29. Poach a train yard or railway and jump the train. poach a garden. Washington DC monuments. Do some major whips POTTER! poach a retirement home.

    Posted By TJ on
  30. email me I have seen a spot in H.B.

    Posted By ak on
  31. on th sf bridge doing crazy stuff

    Posted By mario on
  32. poach flippin yosemite, that'd be a first

    Posted By basswipe on
  33. Poach the redline in amsterdam if its posabel or als the coumpound of travis pastrana greets from holland

    Posted By ronald westra on
  34. I think you should poach the Forresthill Bridge in NorCal. It's the tallest bridge in Cali. It's been used in movies and base jumping. There is pedestrian walk ways the full length of the bridge going in both directions, wide enough to ride across.
    Check out Wikipedia for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foresthill_Bridge

    Posted By Coral on
  35. you guys should poach a college campus. like an auditorium do a stoppie down one of the isles and then ride it out. there's one at NDSU where you could go in one door and then after you do a stoppie down the isle you could ride it quick out the other door and throw it in the pickup and run!

    Posted By chanchan on
  36. you guys gotta come hit the dunes; some tight footage could come out of Glamis or Gordons Well!

    Posted By Preston #24 on
  37. Poach the Tacoma narrows bridge!

    Posted By Jeremy on
  38. Poach Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. Perfect escape route if you go through the back and down the stairs, have a truck ready to go and take off.

    Posted By Madison on
  39. POACH the Border between Mexico and USA !!!!!

    Posted By OMAR on
  40. Next time you're headed north of Vegas and going through Mesquite, you should stop by and Poach the FlatTop Mesa Behind the Eureka Hotel and Casino. I grew up in Mesquite and used to ride the Whole area where the Casino is now built. The main hill behind the Casino(used to be known as HillClimb) has now been sanctioned Off Limits to Off-road vehicles, but still has a few good Downhill Transfer spots that need to be Poached!

    Posted By Jason Barnum on
  41. bridge at big sur, very famous

    Posted By basswipe on
  42. Poach my ex wifes nasty vag heard there have been some good hits in there. hope you make it out alive!!

    Posted By Scotty B on
  43. when the crew comes to puerto rico to do the pshyco tour theres a lot of places to poached

    Posted By Javier Quiles Sosa on
  44. you should to Bernardo Yorba my middle school in Yorba Linda, CA. theres a spot behind the school that is called the jumps or as we call the Bernardo Jumps there a bunch of dirt jumps we jump off of you should poach that or come onto or big football/soccer feild during the week.

    Posted By RYAN on
  45. Freeway clover leaf or off ramp.
    Gap the freeway.
    Landing is already perfect.
    Build a quick lip, the of the night before.
    I'm not to familiar with so-cal.
    Up here (bay area) there's a few I've been driving by for years.

    Posted By MARCOS on
  46. Maybe a poach by the Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park or somewhere at the Santa Monica Pier.

    Posted By Jake Chism on
  47. i say take an old junk bike and flip it into the bay with the golden gate bridge in the background

    Posted By clint helton on
  48. Poach the smallest part of the grande canyon thats where its at

    Posted By Mitchell on
  49. It would be SOOO sick if you guy teamed up with the Bomb Squad(freestyle quaders) to do a poach!!!!!

    Posted By Jesse Mertins on
  50. Metal Mulisha team and must enter into a building, preferably in construction and jump off the roof and particularly the ideal guy for this task was Jeremy Stenberg.

    Posted By Emanuel on
  51. backflip no hander over the gorge in toas new mexico

    Posted By dale on
  52. 1. Poach right in front of the police department
    2. sheeep hills dirt jumps on 50s
    3. Poach AT Alcatraz island (or in background)
    4. ride street obstacles in Barcelona,Spain like the BMXers

    Posted By Matthew on
  53. Poach Oak Hills High School!

    Posted By gabbie on
  54. How about coming out to the school i work at and do some donuts in the baseball field?

    Posted By Luis on
  55. hay you guys ive got somthing for you!!!! its called mount trashmore and its a sick hill its in va beach, va come check it out!!!! lil sketchy!!! P.S there is a skatepark right there so be ready for autograph signings!!!!!

    Posted By skater-T on
  56. Go to a highway with many cars and flip from side to side!!
    Greetings from Spain!!

    Posted By Eloy Gomez Fernandez on
  57. dear mm,

    my idea for the next poaching is ...
    My name is tristan M. Im a rider, wanna become a MM rider,so, grab me from class load me up with MM gear and together we will poach Murrieta Mesa high school...In hopes that every one can wear MM gear to school if they choose to.
    my dad says its okay.

    Posted By tristan on
  58. a car dealership

    Posted By AJ on
    • i gotta spot...Marina del ray...off of jefferson below LMU...two back to back table tops over huge empty parking lot...dirt to dirt..into open feild then another dirt to dirt over huge parking lot area... hit outide corner and you have final jump to hit...

      Posted By sufroc on
  59. whats potter a pussy? i wanna see him do some poaching

    Posted By Jake on
  60. poach a facility in a school!

    Posted By BRANDON169 on
  61. poach a baseball field, ride the bases in the middle of a game. then do a jump over the fence to escape.

    Posted By cody on
  62. ride through the hallways in a school.

    Posted By cody on
    • poach a shopping mall! or some kind of a sport thats in a field

      Posted By steve .R on
  63. the whole team riding at the mt. baldy full pipe!

    Posted By Matthew on
  64. Have you ever considered poaching my balls? Your Mom has!

    Posted By Kenny Watson on
  65. wud up malisha youz need some drifting going on.this sports getting biger and biger and uz need to start geting into it

    Posted By vaughan on
  66. hey this is john and one of my home boys has the metal mulisha bike gear and said he has ridden with you guys so i say you guys should come and tear tehachapi and lets some of the locals ride with you guys and we'll tear up tehachapi!!!

    Posted By john sousa on
  67. Poach the Tobin BRIDGE in BOSTON, MA

    Posted By ARMY MULISHA on
  68. Deegan, Why not do something that has lasting value. Race with us on the causelife racing team at the Glen Helen Endurance Series. We are doing a lapathon to raise $15,000 to drill a well for a village without clean drinking water. People are pledging .50 or $1 or whatever per lap that our team can ride in each of the 6hr, 12hr, and 24hr endurance races. You and you boys could pull in big pledges with your names on our roster. 3 man teams for the 6hr in March. The more teams drawing pledges the better.

    Posted By Daggit on
  69. You guys seriously need to poach my school. Nothing kool ever happens and the faculty needs a wake up call. it would be so easy to pull this one off and not be lame.

    Posted By 2 smoke on
  70. Hey, my names Kyle Rowley and i was thinking you guys should poach my school.. Elsinore High School. Its only like 15 minutes away from Temecula plus their is a bunch of fans who go there. If you do do it let me know so i can get out of class and watch..
    Even though Twitch has already done a done a poach you should have him be in this one because he is my favorite rider ever!!!

    Posted By Kyle R on
  71. My favorite poach was the lilac bridge.. That was sick!

    Posted By Kyle R on
  72. jump the fence in the school yard on middelsex drive strathroy, ontairo, canada

    Posted By Liam H on
  73. In Salisbury Mills, NY, there's a train trestle that's about 100 feet up and goes for damn near half mile.

    Posted By Purcell on
  74. There is a spot near my parents house, it's a retention pond to retention pond gap. Its about a 60 foot gab over a road in the middle of a nice ass neighbor hood. No ramps required, maybe a little shoveling but it would be pretty sick. As far as cops go it wouldn't be bad bad time to get in and out, also there are a couple high schools nearby you could hit up with some gaps. Send someone out to check it out.

    Posted By Ben Adams on
  75. theres some insane cololege grounds where i live and behind the college is a very long strestch of land with some nast hills and transitions i think any rider from the crew could tear that scene up nothing really required for this spot its almost as if it was made for poaching and for crying out loud its a college campus!!!!

    Posted By Dylan Stringer on
  76. http://www.portoflosangeles.org/transportation/ca_103.asp
    You jump this draw bridge while opening, half open, half closed you got some balls. Might contact Jesse James, West Coast Choppers for some support get away locations. Will need to check spacing of guard bars to even see if a bike can slip through to build up speed. Crazed Longshoremen may be a source of help too. I'd love to see this one pulled, but fuck up, and you WILL die.
    Chief Runamuck

    Posted By greg kinion on
  77. Poach L.A.by doing a mob scene during a traffic jam on I-5 during rush hour since its legal to drive between cars and on the shoulder in Cali! (Calling all fans and have Deegan lead the way)

    Posted By RideMo on
  78. high speed chase on 5 freeway (818) near scummy's pad at dusk durring rush hour! how can LA's or CHP's keep up? too many ways to go and not enough room for a squad car to follow, if they want to grow a pair and send in a bike well someones door or a sudden merge might come into play.

    Posted By no doors on
  79. twin towers = la county jail = face down ass up = nuts to butts

    Posted By no doors on
  80. 1st home buyers, Webco Real Estate offers $5k cash back on various house & land packages. Contact Colin on 0418 140 432 for more details.

    Posted By Dale Vanhevel on
  81. Come poach a coal mine in Gillette, WY huge air possibilities!!!!

    Posted By Tyler Parke on
  82. find a riot in some city then start riding around bustin wheelies and burnouts ! u guys coulda rode in the g20 summit riot in toronto

    Posted By Rockwood Mulisha on
  83. You guys are idiots-our sport is in danger and stupid stunts like this are what draws negative attention and gets more of our riding areas closed down. Dissapointed fan

    Posted By Mark on
  84. You guys should totally poach the southeastern indiana area. This place needs to get some attention. Their are PLENTY of FMX freaks out here including me who would be stoked to see you guys out here!!! Mulisha 4 Life!!!

    Posted By Big Jake on
  85. how bout a populated eating area at a state university?

    i go to university of arizona and was at the student union eating the other day and just thought how awesome it would be to see the outdoor seating area get poached... idk, just an idea

    Posted By Jeff on
  86. this year for senior prank im wheeling down the hallway of my school rockin metal mulisha gear ill be sure to send your guys a video.

    Posted By Jake on
  87. rip downtown noho in mass

    Posted By josh on
  88. you guys should come down to my school called PPJS/HS in Point Pleasant,Wv and poach the hallways of my school during school hours and raise hell.

    Posted By Thomas Mitchell on
  89. there is a steep hill/driveway in the parking lot of Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside, CA. You could use it as a landing so you'll only need to bring a kicker. theres also some huge step ups on the golf course.

    Posted By CR500KID on
  90. Yea I agree you cant beat 2 strokes. really feel free of charge to come over to our forum and start some discussion should you wish?

    Posted By kenny acheson f1 on
  91. Throw on a paddle tire and snowbike front ski, ride ski jumps at ski resorts ...in a Santa suit ..it is December hohoho peez

    Posted By Java the hut on
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  93. poach the mall

    Posted By chuckstahk on
  94. Poach Federal Blvd in Denver CO

    Posted By M1 on
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