Mess with the Bull, You’ll get the Horns!

Jeremy Lusk - Twitch

TakaYou mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns! Twitch and Lusk brought the heat in the heat of Fort Worth, Texas this weekend for Red Bull X Fighters. The Mulisha infiltrated the Red Bull event and dominated!

Potter and Taka started out the night going head-to-head in the first bracket. Potter was having trouble putting together his tricks all weekend and blew it again for the big show. Taka threw down a sick run and easily advanced to the next bracket.

Robbie Maddison went up against Charles Pages in the first round. Wrapped up in tape and sore as hell after a big practice crash the day before, Maddo sacked up and threw some huge tricks, even a KOD flip off the jump he crashed on! Maddo beat out little Pages, only to face his brother, Thomas, in the next round.

Robbie MaddisonHere’s how Round 2 went:
– Twitch had a sick run and advanced past etneis teammate Andre Villa.
– Maddo took out the other Pages brother and would face Twitch in the semi-final.
– Taka went up against Mulisha teammate Jeremy Lusk, but this time Lusk emerged victorious with some of the biggest extensions of the weekend.
– Mat Rebeaud easily stomped Mylo.

Jeremy LuskRound 3 Semi Final:
Twitch vs. Maddo – Maddo went first and had a strong run going. Unfortunately, he came up a little short on a jump with his foot off and dislocated his kneecap…ouch! With Maddo out it gave Twitch a chance to get in some practice for the finals and jump the 115 foot jump that no one had jumped in 3 days of practice. Twitch not only jumped it, but he flipped it second try!
Lusk vs. Rebeaud – Neither Lusk nor Rebeaud would have the luxury of some practice. Lusk came out swinging first with his big tricks. Rebeaud followed with some crazy lines and combos and hit the 115 footer. It was close, but Rebeaud would advance to the final vs. Twitch.

TwitchFinals – Twitch vs. Rebeaud
Twitch went first, hitting the quarter pipe huge right off the bat and went into his run. Twitch made a couple mistakes with a half extended super flip and cordova flip. Those were enough for the judges to give the win to Rebeaud, who had a flawless run, even a flip indy over 115 footer.

All-in-all it was a sick contest and the Mulisha was allover the place! Thanks to all the Texas fans that came out representing hard!

Mat Rebeaud
Twitch – M/M
Jeremy Lusk – M/M
Robbie Maddison – M/M

Thomas Pages
Taka – M/M
Andre Villa
Myles Richmond
Chuck Carothers
Charles Pages
Ronnie Renner
Todd Potter – M/M

Check out the HUGE X Fighters Photo Gallery from the weekend, and check back tomorrow for a kick ass video update!

16 Responses to “Mess with the Bull, You’ll get the Horns!”

  1. AH too bad u lost to that swiss faggot twitch :(
    Metal mulisha ftw

    Posted By EWOK on
  2. I was there...The show was awsome but Twitch should have won :) Metal Mulsiha is going to take over at Germany....hopefully

    Posted By Jessie on
  3. Good Job i thought twitch and Lusk did a hell of a job. nice cordova to lusk you pulled off a nicce one! great show guys! ill be there doin that soon too...

    Posted By Jon Pickle on
  4. Good joob guys, that sounded sick. unfortunatly you can't watch in canada till the fucking 17th, which is just gay. Kick some ass in Germany!

    Posted By Aaron Biker on
  5. Nice!!!!! Fuck some shit up, it would be nice to see a 1,2,3 finish by the mulisha next time I know potter will put on a better run next time to get all 3 spots going to the m/m. Good luck!!!

    Posted By mulisha crazy on
  6. Congrats Guys

    Posted By Temeku Photo on
  7. Well i wasn't there, but i know how sick of a rider Rebaud is and im sure he fucken ripped it for the the win. To bad Stenberg f'd up on the extensions because we all kno he has the skillls to take anyone in the comps these days. Can't wait to see the action on abc next weekend. M/M = MAd Style

    Posted By C-Mill on
  8. c'mon!, EWOK, mat rebeaud was a little bit better:-)! Don't care about it! M/M is world domination.

    best regards from switzerland:-)

    Posted By martin on
  9. What it gave in the Potter?

    Posted By LoreX on
  10. Twitch and Lusk threw down. Lusk is riding good he gets better everytime I see him keep rippin it up guys

    Posted By Matt on
  11. nice jumps.. look at this video. Ronnie Fasst and Ailo gaup and some other guys are riding at this video.

    Posted By Daniel on
  12. i was there that shit was off tha hook, But Twitch u should of diff. won! Fuc that fagget swiss ur number 1 in my eye papi! C u at tha Dew tour!

    Posted By jeana on
  13. I was there and that was insane, keep up the great riding!

    Posted By jennifer on
  14. Ya so no so ya

    Posted By Trajik on
  15. for more texas stuff go to

    Posted By DAN on
  16. soy coredorencros y tengo 10 years

    Posted By rudi on

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