Lusk Memorial Ride Day


February 9, 2011 marks the two year anniversary of the passing of our teammate, Mulisha family member and friend,Jeremy Lusk. Jeremy impacted so many different peoples lives in a positive way. To celebrate in his memory, the whole Metal Mulisha team invites everyone to come celebrate and ride at Pala Raceway on February 9th from 9:30 – 2:00pm. Come hang out, ride, eat some Chronic Tacos and make the best out of Lusk’s Memorial Day Ride! See you there and click here to print out the flyer for $5 off the Pala entry fee.

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20 Responses to “Lusk Memorial Ride Day”

  1. I wish i can be there...

    Posted By haniffJ on
    • be rockin out in his shirt, and to be proud to tell his story when ever im asked wut the shirt is bout. live on lusk ur missed dearly

      Posted By tiffany on
  2. i wish i could come ride. pisses me off. R.I.P LUSK your soo missed. mm 4 life brotha

    Posted By jake sledge on
  3. He will never be forgotten. He was lucky to have such good family and friends. May he be in gods hands. RIP

    Posted By amandaSS on
  4. I'm Glad I had the oportunity to see him ride @ the X-Fighters in Fort worth Stock yards.. It was great and knowing he was there to ride made it even better. RIP LUSK!!!!

    Posted By Jeremey on
  5. shame cant afford to go from pennsylvania to Cali to ride in honor of one of the most humble professionals in fmx

    Posted By Alex Stoneback on
  6. only if it wer closer to dublin lusk you'll always be remembered

    Posted By Ryan on
  7. R.I.P. Lusk you will always be remember'd for like metl mulisha for life

    Posted By Brandon Bouffard on
  8. metal** sorry for the mee up

    Posted By Brandon Bouffard on
  9. i live in boston mass. so i dont think i'll have time yo cruse on over. So i'll b repin his memory here and u all can do the same even if u cant make it make sure u at least go kick your bike over and at least twist the throttle for him in heaven rest in peace mulisha 4 eva bitches.

    Posted By deats on
  10. R.I.P LUSK Best FMX rider in the sport

    Posted By Andrew on
  11. will be there to show honor and respect, to the family!! rip jdl

    Posted By bud on
  12. He came to culiacan two times to do a show, people really love his tricks and garland too!!

    Posted By jose from culiacan sinaloa Mexico on
  13. I wish i could! I'll be riding here in brazil. R.I.P. Lusk

    Posted By c0hlera on
  14. I would love to join, but I'm in Brazil and I really can not go! But here in Brazil will be doing my part, initially praying for our brother and disseminating Lusk each step taken by you this day! I'll be with you in thought!
    A big hug to everyone in the family Mulisha which is currently scattered all over the world!
    Lusk, ride in peace bro!

    Posted By Eduardo Bage Medeiros on
  15. how much is it to get in?

    Posted By harleigh robson on
  16. ride in pace jeremy u are missed and is on of the best FMX rider.

    Posted By jeremy on
  17. Wishh I could be there, Lusk will ALWAYs be with every fan & rider in spirit, NEVER TO BE MISPLACED FROM MEMORYY <3

    Posted By Nia Lorraine on
  18. R.I.P. Jeremy...

    Posted By Evelyn Lee Airey on
  19. Im an australian fan of Jeremy Lusk and the metal mulisha, since i seen him on x games, on T.V in fact, then seen that crash at Costa Rica, the crash that took his life, he opened my eyes to make me realise what i want to do, i want to start fmx riding, practice, practice and practice, i know that his spirit may be still riding the fmx track at Costa Rica, i dont think he wouldnt have wanted to go any other way, R.I.P LUSK, wish you were still here and i know alot of others in the world wish the same thing :(

    Posted By Blake Howarth on

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