Jeff Ox Kargola Video Tribute

We would like to thank all the Metal Mulisha family and friends from around the world that gave all the kind words, love and respect to the loss and tragedy of Jeff Ox Kargola. Jeff touched each and everyone’s heart in a special way. Jeff was a individual that always gave 110% of effort in each and every talented skill he had from Freestyle Motocross, Surfing, Offroad Truck Racing, and racing in Baja. Family, friends, and fans from around the world, send in thousands of videos and photos to help contribute and create Ox a tribute video of his amazing life. Please take a moment and check out the legacy of Ox. You can also upload some of your personal photos of Ox in our Remembering Jeff Ox Kargola photogallery.

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33 Responses to “Jeff Ox Kargola Video Tribute”

  1. I love this....Fuckin awesome guys! I love all of you you guys! Ox and Lusk are ridin in Evil Kenevil is showing them his latest tricks right now! Posted By Jessica Chapple on

    • Rest in peace . I respect you guys so much . Rip Ox , Rip Lusk Posted By Greg b on

  2. Fantastic tribute video lads. You put it together so flawlessly and even though its such a sad occasion the way you put it together helps celebrate his life rather then sit around in grief. I've had a poster above my bed in my room of Ox for the last 10 years, now out of respect, it will never move. Anyway, maybe he's up there showing Lusk a thing or two about surfboards! Ride in Peace brother. Posted By Taylor Robinson on

  3. Ride & Rest In Peace OX...we love & miss you...& I hope you & Lusk are rippin' it up wherever you are! Posted By Morgan on

  4. That last segment will give you cold chills. To young to go. Very inspiring got to do what he loved. RIP Posted By mike on

  5. Awesome all did amazing job with it!! His memory and spirt will live forever in everyone heart!! Farewell and God Speed OX!!! Ride in peace..... Posted By Carla on

  6. So well done! May I please suggest, if it has not already been discussed, that this video along with a Lusk tribute be included as special features on Black Friday. Posted By 3xross on

  7. R.I.P ox no no no Posted By on

  8. Great pics & awesome song choices. Whoever put this video together did a fantastic job. My heart goes out to the MM family. RIP OX - you will be missed. Posted By courtney on

  9. Thank you for putting together such an epic video celebrating the life of OX!!! Ride In Peace always and forever! Posted By Justin on

  10. Great Video. RIP OX Posted By Joe Ponzi on


  12. Such a great video. This explains his whole life so well I cant believe what a amazing guy he was. I really enjoyed watching this and having this effect my life in a positive way of moral. Great job to whoever put this together this blew me away and the music was astonishing. May the OX rest in peace. Posted By James Stanton on

  13. Great Video. Ride in Peace Ox Posted By Leandro Lemme on


  15. Awsome tribute!! R.I.P Ox :( Posted By Gemma on

  16. Sarao sempre nei miei pensieri. Ciao jeff Posted By Alberto on

  17. It's heartbreaking that just a few months ago i watched Ox and the rest of the Nuclear Cowboys rip it while on tour in San Diego..... When i learned of Ox's passing i was shocked and couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe another incredibly talented and untouchable rider lost his life doing what he lived for. It was like reliving Lusk's horrific accident all over again. This video is a great tribute and celebration of Ox's life and hopefully brings his family, friends and fans peace within. I know those two are rippin' up there! Much love and respect. Posted By Nichole on

  18. amazing video, really shows why he'll be missed so much Ride In Peace Ox Posted By Dillan on

  19. what a nice tribute to a great rider and great guy.....such a great loss Posted By Charizz Dee on

  20. I have watched this like 10 times and still shed tears. Truly amazing tribute video very touching in so many ways. RIP OX you seemed like one hell of a guy! Posted By Danny on

  21. ox im missing you alot more now save me a spot in the line up!! i Posted By B.R. on

  22. Ride in Peace my friend. Posted By George on

  23. Sorry to hear this. I did a shoot for FUEL with OX where I met him for the first time in Talladega a couple years back. I’m not promoting myself though I would like to share what I did on him. To me, never filming FMX, Ox was special and a great person towards me and others. Going to miss you. Posted By JCoville on

  24. [...] In honor of Jeff ?Ox? Kargola hundreds of friends, family, fans and locals gathered Tuesday and Wednesday in San Clemente in the remembrance of Ox. Tuesday?s gathering was held at the historic San Clemente Casino after Jeff?s service and funeral. Family and friends all had the chance to say something about Ox and everyone watch the first viewing of the Jeff Ox Kargola tribute video. [...] Posted By Jeff Ox Kargola Paddle Out | vanabaune on

  25. Brilliant tribute to an outstanding human being. Not only did I see how truly awesome Ox was but he inspired me to go and do some great things, he surely did. Thank you Ox. You will be missed. Posted By Andre on


  27. It;s a sad time for the Mulisha. Rest In Peace Ox. Our thoughts and best wishes are with your family anf friends. For you Ox: Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious battles even though checkered by failure than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor experience much because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. Posted By Penance on

  28. [...] Source: [...] Posted By Jeff Ox Kargola Video Tribute : on

  29. Awesome tribute video..... Ride in Peace Ox!! Posted By Crusty Heredia on

  30. [...] Source: [...] Posted By Jeff Ox Kargola Video Tribute | MotoX News on

  31. [...] Over the weekend Metal Mulisha head out to Glen Helen CA, for the Round 5 & 6 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. From our Friday Practice and Qualifying post and a promising update for the Mulisha Fans, Saturday and Sunday held a weekend tribute in remembrance of Jeff Ox Kargola. [...] Posted By » Blog Archive » Round 5 & 6 GLEN HELEN LOORRS on

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