Get Well Soon Robbie!

Robbie Edelberg

Metal Mulisha’s Robbie Adelberg has been competing as much as possible after this year’s X Games 16, which was held in Los Angeles; CA. From Red Bull X Fighters, the 8th annual ASA Championship and many more, Rob came to a temporary painful halt last week at Alli Sports Dew Tour, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Robbie Edelberg

During the Dew Tour event Rob was riding extremely well and Twitch, Potter, Faisst, Taka, and Adelberg all eliminated their opponent in the first round, allowing them to advance to the second round. As Rob geared up and started his next run, he hit neutral as he was lined up on the dirt double out of the double, double section. With his momentum and speed target at the lip, Rob was unable to slow down in time and had to eject off of his bike. He was carted off and head to the hospital immediately to be evaluated.

Robbie Edelberg

Robbie Edelberg

Rob was struck with a long list of injuries, which include his tib and fib on right leg, a shattered right ankle, a broken left ankle and broken right wrist. So far his first surgery has been a success but has many more still in line. Get well soon Robbie and best wishes to you and your recovery!

Rob Adelberg

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  1. Great Job you pulled off! Get well soon man!... METAL MULISHA ALL THE WAY! i love rockin Metal Mulisha 2 man.. but here in germany (i live in a us. base here) you cant get no Mulisha shirts for a price :D that a 16 year old can afford :D YOU BETTER GET BACK ON THE TRACK SOON MATE ;D Posted By Max on

    • Hey Robbie, just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery, i hope you get better soon, lots of love from Palmdale 8-) Posted By kristin gustafson on

  2. get better man Posted By juni on

  3. get well soon rob!!! <3 Posted By Motoxchick Braapbraap on

  4. Get well soon man!… Regards from Tijuana B.C. M/M Posted By Izaak on

  5. Hey bro sorry to hear about the accident hope all is well and good luck in the future and safe riding Posted By Ryan Nichols on

  6. that sucks! the drugs will help you through and you'll be back in the game in 2011! good luck and do what the doctors tell you to do. thats coming from a mama that has a motorcycle riding 11 year old thats a huge fan! hope to see you next year at the lane county fair in oregon. take care and godspeed on your recoverey. jennifer and hunter sullivan Posted By jennifer on

  7. Hey Robbie, awesome job so far! Hope you have as swift of a recovery as possible!! You're hella entertaining to watch, as well as the entire mulisha crew. Stay strong bro you'll be rippin in no time!! Freeryders/mulisha, rulers and throne holders of the scene!!! Posted By Brandon "mulisha mania" hewdogg on

  8. Get well soon Rob! Posted By Melissa Carolus on

  9. Yo get well man, amazing performance dude.. Get your self a nice fat J it will make you feel better ;) Don't be fillin' your self with all that paracetamol you will need your stomach in once piece! Best regards from Finland! Posted By Aleksi on

  10. Sorry to hear about the injuries guy. GET WELL SOON ROBBIE!!! I'd love to see back up & riding asap :) <3 Posted By (Mad)Morgan on

  11. Bless your heart! In my prayers for total healing! Hang in there and keep ya head up! Peace and Love ~Lori Posted By Lori Titsworth on

  12. hey man sorry about the accident. Hope all recovery is well. M/M rocks! keep it up Posted By Brandon Mullin on

  13. Get well soon man!!!!! Posted By John Harrison on

  14. Best of luck for a speedy recovery, Robbie. Posted By Aaron R. on

  15. Prayers and Aloha comin your way Robby from Northshore Oahu. Gods speed on your full recovery. Aloha, Russi Posted By Jim Russi on

  16. Injuries are one part of the sport we could do without!!! Get well soon so the Mulisha can continue to raise the bar! Posted By dylan dwyer on

  17. you are the man! Hope for a speedy recovery for you! We will miss seeing you! Posted By danniegirl ohio on

  18. Get well soon Rob! While your down, play alot of mx vx atv reflex! It will help the time go by haha Posted By NOrcal Kyle on

  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Posted By T on

  20. Get well soon!!!! Best wishes from Spain. Posted By Elena on

  21. Get well soon bro!!!! best wishes BARBADOS!!! Posted By ROBBIE IFILL on


  23. Robbie, Hope you have a speedy recovery. Live free && ride hard!!! Always Kelsey Posted By Kelsey m on

  24. Dude that looks sick! Hope you get well soon. Remember not to loose hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel. - Tobias Posted By Tobias Bisgaard on

  25. damn that sucks. get well soon. Posted By Diane on

  26. Hi Robbie! I wish you the best and I hope you get well very soon A warm hug with all the luck from Costa Rica x0x0x0x0 Posted By Maria on

  27. Get Well Soon Rob!!! :) Posted By tina levesque on

  28. hi man i hope to have speedy recovery .... i have broke my right leg too!!!! Posted By stef on

  29. Dammmmmmmm!!!!! Bet you won't due that again. Posted By Thump'n on

  30. Get well soon! We're all pulling for you! Posted By RJ Rockstar on

  31. Hey Robbie, I am sorry about the injury that u suffered man..I hope u make a speedy recovery and get well soon brotha...Hang in there!!! Mulisha Nation needs u and u can do it!!! Prayers r with u!!! Much love in the 626 of West Covina!!! -Jason Posted By Jason Venzor on

  32. Hey Robbie just wanted to say we are praying for you your up coming surgeries, a speedy recovery, and high spirits. May you recover to 100% and be able to ride again soon bro. Take care! The Jackson Family So. Cali. Posted By Jackson family on

  33. damn dude sucks what happened get well and get back on your bike and kick some ass!!!! Posted By Rob Roundy on

  34. get better Posted By hubahuba on

  35. dude srrry for what happend saw it happy today Posted By hubahuba on

  36. get well soon bro, being hurt sucks, i know you will get through it! Posted By Devon on

  37. It's all in the buissness... Get betetr soon cause you where shreadding Posted By Michael Chapman on

  38. Better* Posted By Michael Chapman on

  39. Get Well Soon Robbie! Posted By amandaSS on

  40. god deam dude im ride too so i been truth the same shit so get well dude that things pass your an incredicle rider so hold on there metal mulisha the best team ever!!! mulisha for ever Posted By eliott on

  41. Get well soon Posted By haniffJ on

  42. Damn Dude... Hope you get better soon. It's harsh to see a soldier in this state, Not cool at all. :/ I'll be expecting you back on the bike soon.!! Keep going strong.!! And Happy Birthday to Shane Del Rosario.! M/M Forever.! Posted By Mulisha Madness on

  43. good luck with recovery bro dont let your injuries stop you Posted By Dylan on

  44. get well soon man good gob u pulled of sorta Posted By karl on

  45. hey Robbie, get well soon man!!! rock on brutha!!! and meanwhile check out this video, and think about what it means and think deep in your spirit. Posted By ray coker on

  46. Same injury as twitch + loads more, that has to suck man. Get wel soon. Posted By Fling on

  47. Hey Rob, Hope ya gettin lotsa nurses goin ova ya makin sure alls good. Best of luck mate and a speedy recovery. Thinkin of ya back down here in Oz. L8TR.. Posted By Lee Dolan on

  48. get well man listen to the jason ellis show and smoke alot of weed trust me tib/fib with a fixator sucks been there once Posted By DAN on


  50. Haha,I adore Mr.Jackson! He was the best to ever sing! We will never ever have someone like Michael Jackson! RIP to the GREATEST! Posted By Buy Dress on

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