Catching up with Jackson Jacko Strong

Jacko has been putting in some time on the bike and we got a chance to catch up with him after he was digging up some Australian soil at his compound.

Jackson Strong

So how has everything been going for you Jacko and how is life in “the down under”… Australia?

Good, thanks mate! I’ve just been putting my hours in the foam pit a lot with Truman lately. I have been trying to get something good happening for big air. When I’m not riding I have been hunting kangaroos with my dogs. 


Thousands of our fans ask questions in fan mail but here is one, how did you get into riding dirtbikes?

I think I was just a bored country kid and all there was to do was ride bikes.

How did you get involved with Metal Mulisha?

Jacko Crusty

I met the Metal Mulisha boys on a Crusty Tour in Australia and have been down with the cause ever since.

What is your best moment in the last year?


My best moment in the last year has been… front flipping to dirt at home.

What is it like doing a front flip to dirt?

Like playing Russian Roulette.


Your worst moment?

Crashing at Dubai and having the doctor put his finger in my freckle.

We heard you got a new sponsor can you tell us about that…

Komatsu as a sponsor is every dirtbike riders dream.

How is it now that you have a bad ass sponsor hooking you up to move dirt and build the jumps?

Sitting in my CK25 Skidsteer is the only way to get away from the world. I could build jumps for days on end with that thing.

What is it like preparing for a event like XGames?

You spend months practicing for 2 jumps. It makes you not want to mess up.

Jacko XGames 16

Freeriding, jumping with your friends or riding in general is one thing but what is the pressure like with thousands of fans watching you?

The more people, the better. It just fuels my fire.


As an athlete, practice does make perfect but so does staying in shape. What other things do you do to keep your game up?

Oil myself up and flex in front of a mirror.

What are the rest of your plans this year and when is the next time the world will see you going big?

Assuming everything goes to plan… I should have something pretty cool for everyone to see on July 28th at the Staples Center!

Anything else you want to add?

Yeah… M/M For Life!

You can follow Jacko on twitter and see more of his updates.

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