Brandon Dosch Podiums 1st!

Metal Mulisha BMX team rider Brandon Dosch cleans up at the inaugural Red Bull Stomping Ground in Chicago, taking the overall win in the BMX Dirt contest as well as the best trick!

Brandon Dosch

In an exciting day that featured multiple swings through wildly varying weather conditions, Michigan’s Dosch bested a field of the most respected BMX dirt jumpers in the world.

The final results would be decided by a two-run format, followed by a jam session for the Chipotle Best Trick award. First place overall brought a whopping $25,000 with the Best Trick prize being free burritos for a year, so things got serious really quickly.

Brandon Dosch

Brandon DoschIt was Dosch’s day, however. From lookback, tailwhip and downside whip 360s to double whips and a 720, Brandon was as solid as a rock. To top it off, he also ruled the Best Trick jam session by being the only rider of the day to pull the massive 31ft (10m) transfer at the bottom of the course – with a tail-whip, naturally. “The contest was super awesome,” Dosch added. “My favorite part was that it was more laid-back, not as stressful as some of the big tours. I think everybody had a good time!”

1. Brandon Dosch
2. Chris Doyle
3. Mike “Hucker” Clark
4. Dennis Enarson
5. Ryan Nyquist
6. Corey Bohan
7. Ryan Guettler
8. Drew Bezanson
9. Cam White
10. TJ Ellis

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