After The Rain at Jimmy Fitzpatricks Fitzland

Fitzland… may have heard of it before or seen it in the Metal Mulisha movie Black FridayJimmy Fitzpatrick digs up the dirt after the rain blessed his compound with prime riding conditions inside his 54 acre parcel of land located in the heart of Southern California’s Temecula wine country. Turn up your volume, kick back and watch Fitz, Potter, Faisst, Deegan, Garland, Bell, Buyten, Cantrell and a grip of other riders hit jumps from 90 – 180ft+!

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  1. you guys are the bomb !!! ya get to live out the way i dreamed of just riding for a living . but seriously tho i wouldn't try those amazing tricks and skills you guys have had to endure over time. all i say two thumbs up.... i have been wearing metal mulisha gear even before it was cool in fla . all my freinds are car guys and just don't get it. i also belong to a non-profit org. SUNCOAST BROTHERHOOD MOTORCYCLE ORG. WE EVERY YEAR IN BEGGING OF DEC HAVE A TOY RUN FOR FLORIDA FOSTER AND ADOPTION (kids needing a home ) we draw in last year of over 3000 bikes. nowe i know its late in this year but maybe if i may ask. i would be willing to purchase a jersey if your whole team could sign it , to be raffled off and ALL PROCEEDS going to the kids. i would still frame such jersey too. it can be easy for you guys do come to TAMPA under the name NUCLAR COWBOYS i was there last year and was standing the whole time with suspense. story time over now c-ya Danny (klunkerman) Klunk Posted By Danny Klunk on

  2. Badass shit right there!!!! Posted By Tanner FMX on

  3. Son of a gun.. sometimes I wish I am a guy .. so much more fun not even fer ..:) Posted By Ana on

  4. I so wish I could learn how to do those tricks on my bike! AMAZING! Posted By Kellie on

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