4 Ways to Help the Lusk Family!

Jeremy Lusk nascar ticket package
1. Jeremy Lusk Rockstar/Metal Mulisha/NASCAR Ticket and Swag Package – Get a ticket to this weekend’s NASCAR race at California Speedway, a VIP pass for a private meet & greet with Metal Mulisha riders after the demos, and a Rockstar/Metal Mulisha Swag Package. Only $100! Get it now while supplies last!

2. Jeremy Lusk NASCAR Suite Package – 2 packages available:

nascar suite

rip lusk sticker3. R.I.P. LUSK Stickers

4. Athlete Recovery Fund – It’s easy. Go to athleterecoveryfund.com. Click “Make a Donation.” And donate. Money goes to the Jeremy Lusk Trust Fund.

All proceeds from everything listed above goes directly to the Jeremy Lusk Trust Fund.

87 Responses to “4 Ways to Help the Lusk Family!”

  1. Im definately buyin one of those stickers.R.I.P Jeremy

    Posted By Cody on
  2. I'll do whatever I can to help

    Posted By SARA on
  3. thats really cool!!! i hope people buy those packages bc it would help a lot im definitely buy both stickers!!!! are you guys going to be making shirts bc i would buy that too it would be nice to know so i can buy it all at the same time!! RIDE IN PEACE LUSK!

    Posted By Kathy Loza on
    • I bought the stickers, the wristbands, and I have been looking everywhere for shirts but there are none yet..that would be awesome if there were

      Posted By Ashley Kinson on
    • I agree with getting some tshirts made, Which I am sure is already being talking about within M/M. I have boughten stickers, wristbands and donated so a shirt would be fitting too. I wish I could afford a package and to help more but being in college isn't the best financial situation. I know times are tough for everyone but PLEASE donate to the AFR and buy what you can. I gave up eating out for lunch in order to help so everyone do your part. Ride in Peace Jeremy! You are with us each moment of each day!

      Posted By jason on
      • Make some shirts and i know they would sell big...I'd be buying a few for sure!

        Posted By Gaff on
  4. yeah me to R.I.P JEREMY

    Posted By danny on
  5. Hello! i'm French...i would like sticker but I think it's impossible ship in France? ...... :( :(

    Posted By Cyril on
    • If you have you dont have any luck with your Sticker let me know ,as we are the Metal Mulisha Dist in New Zealand for these awsome products,
      I will post it to you!

      Posted By Richard (Topfun NZ) on
      • Hey Richard,
        Kylie hea i'm living in Thames NZ and really wanna buy some stuff to help out the lusk family. Can you help me out???

        Posted By Kylie on
  6. To Help The Lusk Family I Bought This Package, I Live In Fort Worth Texas And Will Not Make It To The 2/22 Race In Cail. So If Anyone Is Interested In Going And Just Cant Afford The $100 For The Swag Package. Just To Show My Support To MM And The Lusk Family I Will Send This Ticket To Anyone Interested...All You Have To Do Is Atleast Show You Support Buy Donating Something To The Lusk Family

    [email protected]

    Posted By Bill & Chas on
    • have you found someone to donate the cali race on 02/22? I will be buying the package but i wil need 2 tickets but cannot afford 2 packages??

      Posted By TAMARA on
  7. U guys need to start shipping to Canada again so we can help out to.

    Posted By Walnutz on
  8. RIP Jeremy Lusk.. you will always be here with everyone..mad respect to him.

    Posted By Kyle S on
  9. It has really torn me up inside that this bright young kid lost his life. It really hurts my heart knowing what his family and friends are going thru. Fortunately the accident was quick and im sure he never knew what hit him, Jeremy Lusk ride in peace bro, your an icon in the sport and will never be forgotten for the way that you rode and the way that you captured an audience with your style. You went out at the top of your game. Future X games gold medalists should throw out props to Jeremy because if he were there they might be holding silver. God bless you Lusk family.

    Posted By nick on
  10. I'll definetly be helping out! RIP Jeremy :( My heart goes out to your family and friends.

    Posted By Jennifer V on
  11. Yo! Metal Mulisha just lost a friggin awesome troop. Jeremy Lusk, you were an amazing rider and person. i was devestated when i heard about the accident. you are one of my favorite riders in MM, and you always will be! i love riding and totally respect what you guys do. R(ride).I(in). P(peace) Lusk my man. you will be missed always. my deepest sympathies go to his family and friends. Stay Strong...Only go moto M/M. Love all you guys.<3

    Posted By Michelle Chacon on
  12. RIP LUSK...
    I would like to give my deepest condolences to the LUSK Family. There is also LUSK Wrist Bands for sale $2 and it states the proceeds go to the LUSK Family @ motoworldracing.com

    Posted By Garza on
  13. Sorry last message continued.. Metal Mulisha keep up the great support for the Family ...... Your all great riders!

    Posted By Garza on
  14. desde costa rica todo el afecto y condolencias para la familia LUSK,siguiras siendo el mejor para mi.RIP

    Posted By EDWIN on
  15. You need to ship to canada and i would definately help out

    Posted By Jonny B on
  16. RIP LUSK

    Posted By Jonny B on

    Posted By MRSHLBLD on
  18. you was one of the best and coolest fmx rider of the world!!! big respect Jeremy.... REST IN PEACE!!!

    Posted By Huss (austria) on
  19. R.I.P. Lusk. My families prayers are with Jermey's family and friends

    Posted By Matty ( Canada) on
  20. Such a loss for everyone. My prayers go out to the family and his wife.

    Posted By Brenda Bowers on
  21. th9ose are all super sikk i think ill get the package 3 deal

    Posted By Joshua Charles DeLaFrance on
  22. i´m not in US how can I help???

    Posted By Raul on
  23. i wish i could afford the nascar package but i will definetly get some stickers

    Posted By codee527 on
  24. I am not a huge Mulisha fan, but I respect what they are about. Words cant even describe the hurt and numbness that Jeremy's friends and family must be going through. He is a champion, and will be remembered as such.

    Posted By David Wayne on
  25. I already got my stickers and wrist bands and Im trying my best to support The Lusk and Metal Mulisha Family! Sorry for the loss of a Awesome rider Jeremy Lusk!

    Posted By Bernadette on
  26. Sorry for the loss of Jeremy. He was a great rider and sounded like a great friend. I never had the opprotunity to meet him but he has inspired me in so many ways. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and the family. And the mulisha, your doing an awsome job making sure he is remembered and helping his family. For that i respect you guys even more.

    Posted By Gary on
  27. R.I.P. bro. i watched the funeral services nice to know he went to heaven. We will all miss you man. deegans speech was very nice

    Posted By justin on
  28. is there anyway of getting some of those stickers and wristbands to australia????

  29. ride in peace pitbull.forever in our hearth
    mike (french)

    Posted By mike on
  30. Can i get the packade to Sweden some how,?

    R.I.P LUSK!

    Posted By Hakka on
  31. Damn...what a loss. I just heard... At the moment all I can do is say that my thoughts goes out to his family and friends. Wish I could do more...
    He was a great rider.

    /Magnus from Sweden

    Posted By Magnus on
  32. Im rocking my Lusk wristbands as I type this and stickers are on the way to show my love... will be on my bike and chest protector!
    Rest easy fallen brother...

    Posted By J Bone on

    Posted By Lance on
  34. My wristband it's on the way to costa rica and it will be awesome if there were some shirts or a package that not include tickets because i won't be able to use it...

    Posted By CHALY (COSTA RICA) on
  35. RIDE IN PEACE BRO... METAL MULISHA FAMILY FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS...

    Posted By CHALY (COSTA RICA) on
  36. I just wanted to say I have great respect for the sport of motor x. I follow all types. I had the chance a few years back to see them and it was awesome. My prayers go to the family and friends of Jeremy. I was shocked to read what happened and I'm sorry for their loss. I will do what I can to support them.

    Posted By chad on
  37. Im sure you already thought of this but my 8 year old son was saying last night that he wants me to buy him a shirt with Lusk 11/26/84-2/9/09 on it ...thought you guys would be the right people to contact. Im sure alot of people would purchase them for themselves as adults and for there kids.
    Hope to see something like it soon!

    Jeremys smiling face will be greatly missed at all the events that we travel too! Although we did not know him it has affected my son deeply.

    Posted By Lisamarie on
  38. hey he was my favirite rider and ill do what ever to help

    Posted By randy on
  39. refuse to tiptoe through life to arrive safely at death.RIP

    Posted By Jerry on
  40. im so getting these i feel hella bad for him and his family

    Posted By nate on
  41. "In Gods Hands" would be nice to see on his shirt...Prayers and thoughts to the Lusk family and all the Mulisha.

    Posted By Jason on
  42. i think my family is going to buy four packages to help out the lusk family RIP lusk i miss seeing your riding

    Posted By nick on
  43. Dude you rocked, RIP Jeremy

    Posted By Jarley on
  44. i miss jeremy.he was the coolest dude even tho i havent meet him in person.im glad everyones helping the lusk family and showing there support.

    Posted By Jake on
  45. R.I.P Lusk u Legend

    Posted By RExy on
  46. R.I.P Lusk , from me and my boys in the U.K ,Freestyle wont be the same without u m8

    Posted By william fenemore (aka willba/ bagpuss) on
  47. Rip Lusk , I hope the lusk family goodness. Lusk ur my hero

    Posted By Joshua Huisman on
  48. Can we expect any LUSK t-shirts? Could help out with fund raising!

    Posted By roe on
  49. I know a couple of guys are doing t-shirts but a lot are waiting for the metal mulisha to come out with t-shirts. I got a design if you guys want to make the shirts. Just e-mail me.

    There are also the wrist bands where all the proceeds go to the lusk family and you can get those at motoworldracing.com

    There's a myspace page i heard of and it's a support/memorial page for Lusk so if you guys want to check it out, the URL is www.myspace.com/luskfmx

    Rest in Peace Jeremy Lusk. He'll be missed

    Posted By Jay (R.I.P. LUSK) on

    Posted By LILLY REYNA on
  51. i would love to buy one because i miss jeremy so much but i dont have the money.

    Posted By zach hinton #911 on
  52. I would like to support, but no shipping to Canada :(

    Posted By Nathan on
  53. A fallen Metal Mulisha Troop Has Risen.I just wanted to say im sorry for the loss of your metal Mulisha troop Jeremy Lusk.I'm just really happy i got to meet him in 2006 at red bluff before he passed on.R.I.P. JEREMY LUSK.

    Posted By Mathew Howard on
  54. my family and i have attended several MM events including the 2008 xgames Moto X event in SD we were blessed to see him win his xgames metals and meet him on several times. These guys have love for FMX mostly respect for their fans. Jeremy Lusk and the other troop members always took the time to sign and take pictures with my family . My family attended the funeral for Jeremy Lusk and said our good byes to one of the best . Our prayers go out the the Lusk family and for the MM Troops and their fans like my family. Ride in Peace Jeremy love the Pozp family, Riverside, CA

    Posted By kristine on
  55. if u shipped to Canada id be all over it!!R.I.P Lusk!!!

    Posted By sik pup on
  56. where can i find the jeremy lusk wristbands

    Posted By brandon on
  57. RIP to truly one of the most talented riders we had the honor of watching

    Posted By Chris on
  58. [...] Mulisha are offering ways to help his family on their website, which includes 4 different ways you can support the Lusk family. All proceeds from everything listed above goes directly to [...]

    Posted By The death of Jeremy Lusk « Motocross Myspace Layouts on
  59. R.I.P Jeremy I never got a chance to meet you I wish I did. You passed away doing what you loved which is also the most badass sport in the world. You will always be in my prayers and thoughts.

    Posted By Sean on
  60. I´m costa rican.... and i could see everything i hope that he stays better now....i´m really sorry...i hope my prays could help his family

    Posted By JORGE on
  61. i already bought the $100 package and 3 stickers. will hopefully soon buy more!!

    Posted By Katiee lish on
  62. R.I.P Jermey lusk you were my idle you got me into my life long dream

    Posted By Blake leftwich on
  63. hey u should do a tribute hat to jeremy lust [similar to the shirt]

    Posted By taylor on
  64. its lusk u idiot

    Posted By ..... on
  65. R.I.P Jeremy lusk you were the shit man and ill never forget you, you were my favorite rider and metal mulisha will never be the same without you...your always in my prairs... my regards to his family!!

    Posted By AJ Stocker on
  66. yo R.I.P. jeremy lusk you will always be loved in my heart .. your the reason why i started freestyle moto..

    R.I.P. LUSK

    Posted By charles walbeck on
  67. rest in peace jeremy is the best ramp rider infmx rip lusk

    Posted By gus castilllo on
    • in tour freestylemx2005 its best show in san luis potosi in plaza de toro el paseo others riders jeremy carter (RIP), YOURSELF lusk,cliffod adoptante ,chuck carothers,john disler and any mor riders un gusto en haberte conocido ride in peace jeremy .

      Posted By gus castilllo on
  68. r.i.p.lusk we love and miss ill support u guyz

    Posted By daniel aviles on
  69. I have cried many tears for Jeremy and his family, my son also past away two years ago and i know exactly what they are going through right now. Our family will definitely be supporting your family. God Bless. ^j^

    Posted By LongTime Deegan Fan on
  70. Rip Jeremy i know everytime i go ride you'll be lookin after me bro you were one of my heros i look up to you in many ways, and to the family im sorry for the loss but with life comes death in jeremys case it was too early for him to leave us he died doing what he loved we will all miss him im actually in a few weeks here gonna get a tatoo on my arm for his tribute i want to make it like the sticker you have out but i also want to add a couple things when i get it i'll try to post it on the site

    Posted By Mikey on
  71. This is for Chuck Lusk. I used to go to school with you at Palm Jr. High. I was devastated to learn that this happened to your son. To me you were the original X-game type guy. I still remember your white 10 speed with electric blue BMX handlebars. I am very sorry for your loss and am praying for your family. I hope that as time passes you realize that your courage, strength, and spirit will live on in your heart and within your son's legacy. God Bless,

    Posted By William Brown on
  72. whats up man,bro i don't care what any body says i think noo i no that twitch should won that free style in steed of some stinking European guy,well keep your head up................AND KEEP THE SEED ALIVE!!!!!!!!

    Posted By Joshua.Ugarte[sonic robot] on
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    Posted By Alfonso Montufar on
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