New Summer 2017 Gear available now!!

The brand new Metal Mulisha Summer 2017 line of gear is available now… We just dropped our sickest collection of styles top date, including the new Slayer X Metal Mulisha collaboration, the Mulisha Nation collection, new Armed Society gear, and the Technical Drinking Division gear to make sure your party ready for this Summer!

We also have a ton of fresh new tank tops and jerseys, and a huge selection of killer new hats and accessories for you to check out and get your hands on! To see the entire lineup of gear and find your new Summer styles click here….


We also have a ton of badass and sexy new styles for our Metal Mulisha Maidens to represent in! The Summer 2017 collection features sexy new tanks, dresses, and tops to keep you rolling through the heat and partying into the night. Our Maidens collection for Summer also has a ton of new tees to rock while your speeding down the highway on two wheels!

You can click here to see all the new Maidens styles we just dropped and pick up your favorites for Summer before they’re all gone!

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