The Design of the Dosch Denim

Brandon Dosch

Before pedaling into the San Francisco Dew Tour BMX Dirt contest, Brandon Dosch put in some lingering hours with Mulisha designer Ramon Sanchez at the M/M HQ. Collectively they came up with a concept to design a pair of denim that would hold up in the dirt, have plenty of comfort and something you could go party in. Essentially, a ‘triple threat‘ in your pants. With the BMX community lacking a legit pair of denim jeans for riding, Dosch put in his two-cents to move his signature jeans in the right direction. Brandon really liked the feel of Potter’s signature jeans we developed in the past. Something was still missing. He wanted a more slim-cut feel with some stretch to kick out massive tricks and ride in comfort. Finding the right material was vital. After hours of drinking beers and cutting fabrics, Ramon and Dosch found a fabric that was double layered and match the exact style they where looking for.

Brandon Dosch Metal Mulisha BMX Rider

Dosch laid out exactly what he wanted on his denim. He broke it down for us with a step-by-step process starting with a shoelace waist draw cord and his named placed in the back seam. He also wanted an extremely durable crotch for blowouts and secret pocket.

Unfortunately, the secret pocket wouldn’t fit his secret item so we scratch that one out of the process. We also wanted a extremely durable zipper that didn’t unzip on itself, only when chicks did the pulling 🙂 The process began with tailoring a straight fit 16” leg opening, 32” inseam, overdye, woven label, front coin pocket, reinforced fabric at knees and crotch, built-in shoe string draw cord with leather patch. With the jeans nearly complete, both Ramon and Brandon finally called it a night and shipped them out for mass production. While the Dew Tour was in full effect we brought Dosch a pair of his Sig Jeans and let him break them in on the streets of San Fran. Check out the video below…

After a long weekend of BMX sessions in his new jeans and partying in the San Francisco bars, Dosch was pumped on the final product! With his approval we gladly shipped them out to all our M/M Retailers and had the office nerds upload them to our online store. Make sure to pick up your pair before they run out!

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