Catching Up With Dani G

Dani G is back! Last week we caught up with the talented tattoo artist from Hawaii to get the inside scoop on her 2014 collection! We are beyond stoked to work with Dani again for 2014 and we are pumped to release her latest line this coming spring! Check out our interview with Dani below to get the inside scoop on the up and coming Dani G Tattoo collection and find out what this bad ass artist has been up to the past few months.

MM: What is your history working with Metal Mulisha and designing for the Maidens?
DG: Well I started by being the first artist to design for the Maidens tattoo series for the 2013 spring collection. I did a series of three shirts and one of my shirts was the number one selling Maidens Tee in the history of the Metal Mulisha Maidens, and since it sold so well, they signed a contract with me and asked me to design for another year. So I did some shirts for a few other seasons in 2013 and now my 2014 collection is going to come out pretty soon!

MM: What have you been working on lately?
DG: For Metal Mulisha, I have already designed my shirts for 2014 and like I said before, they are set to come out soon, so I’m really excited for that! Personally, I have been tattooing and just improving on a lot of stuff. I’ve also been traveling. I just went to Hawaii and did a guest spot where I apprenticed back when I started tattooing. I did the News Ink convention as well earlier in the year. I also did a Pole competition in Vegas where I won second place. Metal Mulisha sponsored me for the event, so I wore a Metal Mulisha bikini for my outfit. Personally, I’ve been working on some art stuff too. I did some paintings. I want to put out an art book, so I’ve also been working on that. It’s a process and a lot of work, so that’s slowly being put together. I’ve just basically been doing a lot of drawing and painting and tattooing!

MM: What can the Maidens expect to see in the upcoming Dani G Tattoo Collection for 2014?
DG: Well I am actually really excited about my up coming collection because we are working with some new tee styles and cuts instead of just v-neck tees. It’s more what I envisioned my art to be on! Like crop tops and a little bit baggier beach tops. It’s pretty cool! I know that some of my styles for summer 2014 are burnouts, which is really cool! It’s stuff that I would like to wear as well. I love to wear the v-necks already, so adding other cuts is really cool because it brings a different variety. I think it’s really exciting! New colors and everything! It’s going to be awesome!

MM: How would you describe your style?
DG: I like to wear a lot of stuff that is flowy and goes with your body. I like to be fit, so I do like to wear a lot of form fitting stuff too, but if I’m going to wear some tights then I like to wear a little bit of a baggier top. Crop tops are really in right now and I love to wear high waist. It’s just more my style and I love to wear that kind of stuff. Crop tops for sure! I was praying and hoping that my designs would be put on a crop top and I hope that everyone gets into that!

MM: You did some modeling for the upcoming M/M catalogs; have you thought about putting down the needle and ink and lacing up in a bikini for the camera instead?
DG: (laughing) I don’t think I would ever put down my tattooing or any of the art, but modeling is really something that I feel goes along with a lot of the art form. It’s something that kind of goes hand in hand with art. For me, modeling is really just expressing as much as I do with a paintbrush or with a tattoo gun. It’s really fun to be in front of the camera; I love to do it on the side. It’s just cool to expand my cliental and express myself in other art forms rather than just through painting and all of that stuff. It’s fun! And it was fun doing the shoot with Metal Mulisha; you guys are awesome!

MM: What is the craziest thing you have ever tattooed?
DG: Oh my gosh! I get crazy things every day (laughs). No I’m just kidding. That’s like one of the questions that everyone always asks me! One of the craziest ones happen when I first started tattooing. I had to tattoo kind of above on a girls cuca, and it said “Slippery when wet.” It was hilarious! I had just started and it was so funny because I was between her legs. It was crazy, but it was fun. She loved it (laughs). It was pretty interesting.

MM: Most of our fans know that you are tattooed, but do you have any piercings? If so, how many and where?
DG: I’m a little bit out of my piercing stage now, but at one point I had 13 piercings. I have a bunch on my ears. I had my cheeks pierced, my belly button pierced, and then my nipples (laughs). I think the last piercing that I took out was my tongue, which I just recently took out. I had that forever! I’ve also had my nose pierced a bunch of times. I’m pretty much more into the tattoos now though. I’m a little baby when it comes to piercings (laughs) I don’t know why.

MM: You’re from Hawaii; what’s the most Hawaiian thing about you?
DG: Well I was in a Halau growing up and I’ve danced Hula since I was 18. Hula is basically a Hawaiian dance that is a part of the Hawaiian culture that a lot of people are trying to keep alive. The Hawaiian language is pretty much dying, so Hula is something that keeps the culture alive. Hula is still very much alive and it is something that I still love watching! I also long board. Pretty much I just think that the whole language makes me stand out. When I’m thrown in with a bunch of Hawaii people, people know I’m from Hawaii just from my accent. I also love Hawaiian jewelry! In a lot of my modeling pictures I have my Hawaiian necklace on, I’m not sure if people recognize it at all, but that’s my Hawaiian necklace. A lot of people from Hawaii like that I still wear Hawaiian jewelry because it keeps me connected. If people see me wearing Hawaiian jewelry they are usually like “Hey, are you from Hawaii?”

MM: What should mainland men know before dating Hawaiian women?
DG: (Laughs) Oh man I don’t want to say! Well we are kind of crazy. We are pretty feisty. I don’t know if I’m being biased, but personally I think a lot of people when they meet a Hawaiian girl they are really interested because there’s something different about us. I don’t know if it’s because we are more exotic or what. A lot of us are mixed and we are around a lot of different cultures. We are kind of easy going, but we are also very protective over certain things, and I guess if you’re a man… (laughs) oh man I don’t know I don’t want them to be scared! But we are fun!

MM: Would you ever date a Metal Mulisha guy?
DG: Well I actually date one of the Mulisha artists (laughs)! But if you’re talking about the riders, I don’t really know. I mean I love people who are adrenaline junkies and who kind of live their lives to the fullest. That’s what I see Metal Mulisha as, people who live their lives to the fullest and kind of express themselves. I love that about people, so I think I would!

MM: Oh so you date one of the Mulisha artists?! Now why don’t you tell us how you really got involved with designing for the Metal Mulisha 😉
DG: (laughs) No no no! I actually tattooed Sophia, one of the Mulisha Maidens designers, and she really liked me so she asked me to design for them; my boyfriend didn’t even know! That was actually the coolest thing about it! He wasn’t really involved in any of the choosing and he didn’t have a say. Even the things now, he doesn’t really know what goes on or what I’m designing or if I’m designing another line. He didn’t even know about my contract! It was cool knowing that Sophia liked me on her own and she wanted to have me design for Mulisha after seeing my work. It was nice to know that I got it on my own. I don’t really like when people ask me about it (laughs) I’m always like “No he didn’t have anything to do with it!”

MM: Any final words?
DG: Yeah I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me this far! I’m really excited for these new things and I really hope that everyone else is and that everyone continues to support me in my journey. For the people who feel like they relate to me and that love the things I do, I love them all and I hope to meet them one day!

Visit our online store and check out the current Maidens Tattoo Series featuring styles by Dani G and other talented artists! Be sure to check back this spring for Dani’s 2014 collection!

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