Day 1 Glen Helen Red Bull X Fighters

Glen Helen’s Red Bull X Fighters is in full effect! Metal Mulisha team riders Todd Potter, Wes Agee and Rob Adelberg are more than prepared to take on Saturday’s main event in front of thousands of Southern California fans, along with the world watching the largest FMX showdown. Today the team gathered inside the X Fighters pits, focusing on last minute bike corrections and mentally running through their trick lineup for each of their event challenges. They course layout is something you have to see in person. Looking around this massive FMX footprint will hold a new, much larger course map than the previous event in 2012. Dane Herron the course designer added a mix of new features such as the huge 80-foot high wall-ride bowl, plenty of uphill and downhill options, the biggest transfer jump in the history of freestyle motocross, a newly improved step-up launching riders six stories high, six metal take off ramps, two super kicker-style metal ramps, a metal quarter pipe take off, a unique 40-foot long rainbow rail… should we go on? Straight badass’ness!

I would have to say that this course is better than last year. I have to admit that I did not know how the X-Fighters folks were going to do it, but they definitely did it. Dane built an excellent course. It’s just got a lot of options. When I first rode out there I was looking around and it’s just confusing until you start figuring it all out, but we did the test session today and jumped a bunch of the jumps and it is just going to be unreal.– Todd Potter

Last year during the Glen Helen event Adelberg was working through his trick lineup and broke his jaw flipping the step up in practice.

Pissed off and motivated to get out of the hospital, he returned the next day for the qualifiers making it in the top 6. Ready for more during the main event he checked off a list of tricks and went out to flip the step up again! Balls of steel! If Rob wouldn’t had missed out on 1 jump in the second round, we would have for sure seen him on the podium. With a whole new contest at stake and more motivated than ever, Rob has his sights on taking home a guaranteed spot on the podium.

Today’s practice was really good and with Saturdays event in my sights, I have nothing but confidence to get out there and claim the top of the podium. The setup here is what freestyle motocross is all about, massive jumps, technical defiantly something the boys on the team and myself are use to. Either way Potter, Wes and myself will be out looking forward to taking over with a 1-2-3 podium take over.– Rob Adelberg

With Mulisha having a stacked field in this event, the boys are ready to lay it down, flush out the competition and secure a podium sweep in our own backyard!

Buy Tickets:
Tickets are now on sale for fans to witness the world’s top freestyle motocross riders compete at Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen in Southern California. This will mark the second year in a row the series has descended on Glen Helen Raceway, which will again feature the largest, most progressive FMX course ever built. The event, which showcases the world’s top riders pushing the laws of physics with their motorcycles, will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 1 p.m. PT. To purchase tickets, visit the series website at and go to the Glen Helen event page, where the ticket link is located.
Gates Open: 10:00 AM PST
Event Start: 1:00 PM PST

Watch LIVE:
Start Web-TV: 1:45 pm
Start Live-TV: 2:00 pm
End Event/TV: 3:30 pm
Duration Live TV-Show: 90 minutes
(ALL LOCAL TIMES – Pacific Standard Time – difference to MEZ/CET -9 hours)

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