Red Bull X-Fighters Returns to Glen Helen

Red Bull X Fighters makes a FMX footprint once again in the massive course layout of Southern California’s, Glen Helen Raceway. With Metal Mulisha riders Todd Potter and Wes Agee claiming the podium last year on the largest freestyle motocross course in history, the big question is… how will Red Bull stack the dirt to pump up a course that is even bigger and badder?!

Todd Potter, Wes Agee and Rob Adleberg will take on the 2013 course with a massive increase in size, more dirt, more features and more action. There will also be increased use of the existing hillside, which provided for some of the most exciting tricks in 2012, including the massive backflip step-ups landed by American riders Wes Agee and eventual winner Todd Potter. The step-up will grow to two stages (adding an additional jump) that will take the riders more than six stories above the main course arena. These additional uphill and downhill options will result in the biggest transfer jump in the history of freestyle motocross. To mimic the freeriding style that Southern California is known for, look for less traditional tabletops and more natural freeride terrain jumps. And on top of all that dirt, there will be six metal take off ramps, two super kicker-style metal ramps, a metal quarter pipe take off, a unique 40-foot-long rainbow rail and the return of the 80-foot-long bowl-curved wall ride (a 2012 fan favorite), all making for near-unlimited riding options. In addition, spectators will be closer to the action, with the seating areas moved in from last year.

To raise the bar, Metal Mulisha is kicking off a on-site photo contest with all the Metal Mulisha Troops! All you have to do is hash tag #metalmulisha on instagram or twitter, your best photo during the event. We will be handing out a grip of hand picked clothing packs and shipping them out to all the winners. If your not following us yet make sure to add @metalmulisha to both your accounts, keep updated with all the action and get ready for the big event!

Buy Tickets:

Tickets are now on sale for fans to witness the world’s top freestyle motocross riders compete at Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen in Southern California. This will mark the second year in a row the series has descended on Glen Helen Raceway, which will again feature the largest, most progressive FMX course ever built. The event, which showcases the world’s top riders pushing the laws of physics with their motorcycles, will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 1 p.m. PT. To purchase tickets, visit the series website at and go to the Glen Helen event page, where the ticket link is located.
Gates Open: 10:00 AM PST
Event Start: 1:00 PM PST

Watch LIVE:
Start Web-TV: 1:45 pm
Start Live-TV: 2:00 pm
End Event/TV: 3:30 pm
Duration Live TV-Show: 90 minutes
(ALL LOCAL TIMES – Pacific Standard Time – difference to MEZ/CET -9 hours)

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