Coming Off X Games Brazil with Wes Agee

Wes Agee checked back into America coming off his recent visit from X Games Brazil. Check out how it all went down for Agee and what’s next…

M/M: X Games Brazil… when did you find out you got the invite?

AGEE: It was pretty last minute actually. Red Bull pressed hard for me to get in there and make it happen. So about two weeks before the big event I got the call and was pumped. I just tuned up some of my big tricks and got back into shape for my first X Games event ever.

M/M: Training for…?

AGEE: Yeah, I mean I was getting back into it. I came off an injury so just all the resting… I was a tad bit out of shape at the beginning of the year. I’m working out with Charles Dao at Icon Sports and he is really helping me out. I’d say I’m probably 80-90% right now and pushing hard to get to 100%. I’ll be there for sure by my next event.

M/M: Before going to an event like this do you pre-plan your trick line up or is this something you just come up with before the big moment.

AGEE: Well I knew there was going to be a 110ft ramp hit out there, and it was the biggest jump on the course so I practiced that distance the most for a solid trick. Pretty much for training I tried to focus in each trick one-by-one and to make sure it was either really big, full extensions or both mixed into one.
M/M: What bike are you riding right now?
AGEE: Right now I’m on my KTM 450. So stoked on that thing! It is really a solid bike. KTM was out there too with me. They had a full mechanic team to support us! If anything major happened, they could repair anything from the full on motor, fuel injection, anything. It is cool having that full support behind me, makes me way more confident riding.
M/M: This was your first time in Brazil. What did you think when you landed?
AGEE: Brazil is rad. Beautiful country, very tropical and very spread out. We staying in the middle of nowhere. Pretty forest’y, tourist’y, national park kind of area with really good food, insane views and really nice people. I don’t know about the hospitals… pretty stoked that I didn’t get to find out about that.

M/M: Did you get to do any sightseeing?
AGEE: Yeah me and the lady backpacked-up and checked out the waterfalls and the wildlife. Pretty amazing to see. There was a bridge that we walked on that took you over the edge of the waterfall. So much mist you walked back soaking wet.

M/M: Did you see any double rainbows?

AGEE: Haha.

M/M What did you think of the FMX course layout?
AGEE: It was pretty good. The dirt was super tacky like clay. It had a step-on, step-down, 75 ramp, and they had a double double ramp into a 85 foot, and then a 110 foot ramp. The only thing they could’ve added is a quarter pipe or something. Solid course, they did a good job on it.
M/M: What did you think about all of the Brazilian fans out there?
AGEE: The Brazilian people are rad! Super nice and way into moto. For the main event on Sunday, the stands filled up so quick. It was packed! I was surprised for a Sunday too. It was probably the biggest crowd I’ve seen all weekend long at X Games. They were pumped, even in the ceremony when they were giving the medals out, the people were screaming. Pretty amazing experience for my first X Games.

M/M: Walk us through your first and second runs.

AGEE: The first one went pretty solid. I did the heart attack on the 110 and I came up a little bit short on that but still felt good and looked clean. I think that hurt my score a tad. On my second run I kept the majority of the same tricks but just went for it big time. Luckily it worked out in my favor.

M/M: What was it like seeing Jacko go down? Were you like ‘Fuck! I gotta hit this shit again….‘ Is it a situation, where you man-up, grab your balls and just go for it?
AGEE: Seeing anyone go down, especially your buddy always sucks. You can’t let it get to your head. After they got him up and we all saw he was conscious, it helped calm my nerves quite a bit. I was thinking to myself “Do not get hurt in Brazil… do not get hurt in Brazil…“. It was kind of a bummer deal, but I snapped back into it and pull off a great run taking home my first X Games medal. Pumped to get Bronze.
M/M: After earning your medal, did you guys go out and party?
AGEE: Not there. I am going too when I get home. We all stayed in different hotels. There is so many people here it would probably take us an hour to get to our hotel. By the time I got there I was pretty tired, so I hung out before I had to get up at 4 in the morning to get back to America.

M/M: Did you watch any other events while you were down there?

AGEE: I watch a couple but went over to watch our boy Dosch in BMX Dirt. I gotta a lot homies out there riding BMX too. I was up on the ramp rooting my all my boys on so it was cool. Plus Dosch killed it and took home the Silver for Mulisha.

M/M: What do you have coming up next?

AGEE: Red Bull X Fighters is right around the corner! I’m going to go home and start tuning up for that. Last year I took home the Best Trick award for flipping that 60 foot dirt step-up and 3rd place. I hear the course is going to be similar to last years but bigger and with more jumps. I’m going to go 100% on that one. I’ll be training hard these next couple of weeks with Adelberg and Potter.

M/M: You got anything new in your tricks for that event?

AGEE: I got a plan laid out. Some work in the foam pit for something. Just make sure to come out or watch it LIVE.

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