Wrapping Up X Games Brazil

What a huge weekend for the Metal Mulisha team during the X Games global tour taking place in Foz Do Iguaçu, Brazil!

Brandon Dosch set the pace for the team peddling into the BMX Dirt competition. This was Dosch’s first big contest after coming off his injury last year; so he was more than prepared to medal!
After a lineup of sucessfull runs throwing out some massive tricks, Dosch finished up the night claiming a 91.00 taking the Silver Medal!

Rob Adelberg, Wes Agee and Jacko Strong all geared up for the Moto X Freestyle competition. With a podium sweep at stake they all lined up ready to battle. Jacko raised the bar during his first run in the competition charging off the ramp pulling a flawless front flip. With the crowed pumped and a gold medal ‘already’ tied to his name, he started to check off his list of tricks. Unfortunately Jacko came short during his attempt at a Cliffhanger Flip. [ check out the video ]

Jacko was carried out by medical staff who evaluated a broken ankle and a few bruises. Glad to hear Jacko is ok after that crash! Gold medal for being a badass! It all came down to Adelberg and Agee. Adelberg finish his 2nd run in Moto X Freestyle claiming X Games Silver with Agee taking his first X Games Bronze.

Rob Adelberg’s FMX Final Run:

Wes Agee’s FMX Final Run:

The final event of X Games went down behind the wheel of Deegan’s rallycar, which also mark’s the first race of the 2013 Global Rallycross series. Deegan had insane times during practice, in qualifying and during the main event he was ready to back-it-up again. Heikkinen, Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust, and Speed, respectively, won the four heat races, while Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Steve Arpin, and Anton Marklund advanced by finishing second. Buddy Rice and Sandell transferred to the final from the last chance qualifier. A major accident at the start of the final led to a red flag after four laps and a restart. Pastrana, Foust, Block, and Rice’s cars were deemed too damaged to continue.

It was a crashed up derby race. I won my heat today and went for it again in the main. In the end, I sealed a position in the top 5 during the final. The track was super dusty and dry.” – Brian Deegan

Congratulations to all the Mulisha team riders for their successful accomplishments at X Games Brazil! We got plenty more coming your way for the next stop of X Games in Barcelona, Spain May 16 – 19 2013!

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