Nick Diaz Calls GSP Pampered And Heats Up The Upcoming UFC 158 Fight

Next Saturday Metal Mulisha’s Nick Diaz will step into the octagon challenging the long awaited match-up against Georges St-Pierre. It’s the third time the UFC has booked the fight. The two were scheduled to meet in October 2011 and again in February, but both bouts fell through, mostly due to a torn ACL injury suffered by St-Pierre. What started out as a press conference really fired up Diaz portraying welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre as being pampered, railing on how mixed martial arts fights have become boring, and being mad at what is being said when it comes to promoting the March 16th title fight in Montreal.

You can listen to the whole interview or get straight to the point and scroll over to 26:15 to listen to Nick get fired up.

Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre will square off on March 16th in the UFC 158 main event at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Make sure to visit our store and pick up the Nick Diaz UFC 158 Vanquish Walkout Tee.

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