San Diego Supercross With Kyle Cunningham

MYPLASH Metal Mulisha Star Yamaha’s Kyle Cunningham took on San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium ready to make progress towards claiming a spot on the podium. Cunningham had a few struggle in the start of the season with being sick. With a confident practice complete Kyle was ready to take on the night and bang some bars!

Kyle Cunningham came alive in Heat 1 and powered out of the gate leading the pack and taking the holeshot in 250 Heat 1. Kyle had plenty of momentum and protected his inside lines and finished up taking 1st.

During the main Cunningham dug in his line behind the gate. He instantly grabbed the holeshot and quickly built a nice lead! It was looking great into the first turn but got caught up and bumped around holding him off on the right side of the turn.

Kyle got back on his seat and worked his way back into the mix lap after lap. On the final lap Kyle battled from the back moved his way into a 5th place position crossing the checkered flag. Congrats on the comeback and finish Cunningham! Make sure to click around out San Diego Supercross with Kyle Cunningham photo gallery.

San Diego Supercross With Kyle Cunningham

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