Riding Ronnie Faisst FMX Compound

Before packing up to kick start the 2013 Nuclear Cowboyz tour, Ronnie Faisst put in one last ride at his Compound with Jimmy Hill and Nuclear Cowboyz teammates Julian Dusseau and Kenny Bell.

The tour goes into full effect this Saturday, January 12 at the Sprint Center of Kansas City, Mo! For the first time ever, the highly acclaimed Nuclear Cowboyz 2013 tour will visit New Orleans and San Antonio, and back by popular demand, will return to Houston and Atlanta, following a one-year hiatus. Make sure to check out the schedule and get your tickets today! If you haven’t had the chance to see the tour yet… your missing out!

Check out the stops on the tour below, and prepair to get Nuclear!
Kansas City, MO: 01/12 – 01/13/13
Cincinnati, OH: 01/19 – 01/20/13
Pittsburgh, PA: 01/26 – 01/27/13
San Antonio, TX: 02/02 – 02/03/13
Auburn Hills, MI: 02/09 – 02/09/13
Tampa, FL: 02/15 – 02/17/13
Atlanta, GA: 03/02 – 03/03/13
New Orleans, LA: 03/08 – 03/09/13
East Rutherford, NJ: 03/16 – 03/17/13
Ontario, CA: 04/05 – 04/07/13
Houston, TX: 04/27 – 04/28/13

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Riding Ronnie Faisst FMX Compound

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