14th Annual Surfercross

Last week a big event went down in Southern California which rallied-up both, motocross and surf athletes to take on the 14th Annual Surfercross contest. Each athlete entered was teamed up with another random Pro of the other discipline. Ronnie Faisst was teamed up with Rueben Garcia and Derek Garland teamed up with Ricky Yorks to represent the Metal Mulisha. The competition kicked off with a Moto event held at Lucas Oil Mx Park in Perris, CA last Thursday July 26th.

Faisst and teammate Garcia put in their best efforts to come out on top but it was Garland and Yorks who pulled it off finishing with a 2nd place overall score during Day 1.

The event moved West on Friday to the Southern California beach side of San Onofre, as the lineup parked their dirt bikes and brought out the surfboards. The event was a great time and Garland finished off with York puling 3rd Place overall in the Pro Class!

MM: So you took on the 14th Annual Surfercross contest. Who was all out there with you?

GARLAND: It was such a great time out there and there was quite a few of us. Faisst, Nate Adams, Doug Parsons, Josh Grand, Jeff Emig, Sunny Garcia, Colton Udall, Johnny Campbell, and a list more. It was cool racing a bunch of Pro Racers and being able to surf with Sunny Garcia. Looking back now I can’t believe it has been 10 years from the last time I have done this event. I usually am out on tour doing Mayhem Festival or something else and always miss it. Cameron Steele and I finished 3rd in the Industry class so to step it up to the Pro class and take 3rd this time felt great.

MM: So you teamed up with Ricky Yorks… who did what?

GARLAND: He was the Pro Moto guy and since I am the FMX guy I pretended to be a Pro Surfer haha. But it worked out great, he was fast on the bike and could get up on the board as well. Faisst was killing it out there I saw him get a couple awesome rides.

MM: Didn’t you surf in high school on the reg?

GARLAND: I did a bunch my whole life. In high school my team and I were National Champions. When Surfer Magazine came out to do a photo shoot after we won, I got kicked off the team for flipping the bird in the picture. So that kinda started my FMX career I guess haha.

Pick up some of the Metal Mulisha items seen at this years Surfercross:

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