Pierce and Martin Take on the 2012 World Mini Grand Prix

Pierce and Martin took on four days of brutal racing in the 41st Annual 2012 World Mini Grand Prix in Mesquite, Nevada. A range of shifting weather from gust of high winds, dust, and to perfect calm sky’s filled the weekend schedule as both Pierce and Martin were ready to battle.

Metal Mulisha Andrew Pierce

Metal Mulisha’s Andrew Pierce is a badass behind the bars of his #229 Honda. Pierce stitched things up and pulled off a total of 3 championship titles this weekend while claiming 2nd place in two other classes.

Andrew Pierce Metal Mulisha

85/150 Stk 14- 16
1st Andrew Pierce
Moto1 – 1st / Moto2 – 1st

85/150 Mod. 14-16
2nd Andrew Pierce
Moto1 – 2nd / Moto2 – 2nd

85/150 Open Thru 16
1st Andrew Pierce
Moto1 – 1st / Moto2 – 2nd

Super-Mini Thru 16
2nd Andrew Pierce
Moto1 – 2nd / Moto2 3rd

150 4-Stroke Thru 16
1st Andrew Pierce
Moto1 – 1st / Moto2 1st

Star Valli Yamaha Rockstar Star Metal Mulisha’s Jeremy Martin put up a fight throughout the World Mini Grand Prix. Jeremy MartinMartin is fast, tough, and was focused to gun down a title for a take home championship. The first day of racing, Martin pinned it out of the gate while moving into the first turn getting caught up in a huge pileup taking him out of the 250 Stk. Pro race completely. In the 250 Mod Pro class Martin didn’t have the best start, but fought his way up front, taking a solid and well earned 3rd Place finish. During the 450 Mod Pro class, Martin was holding it down, on the hunt for the the lead trying to make a pass before the final lap, finishing off in 2nd. In the 450 Stk. Pro class, Martin was exchanging position for position in a exciting fight as Martin took the lead, and moved into 1st place claiming his first title of the week!

Metal Mulisha Jeremy Martin

Metal Mulisha Jeremy Martin

250 Mod. Pro
3rd Jeremy Martin
Moto1 – 6th / Moto2 1st

450 Stk. Pro
1st Jeremy Martin
Moto1 – 2nd / Moto2 1st

450 Mod. Pro
2nd Jeremy Martin
Moto1 – 4th / Moto2 1st

Congrats to you both for your solid wins and taking on the 2012 World Mini Grand Prix!

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