DIY Mulisha Maiden Stocking

Mulisha Maiden Stocking!

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response to our MM Maiden stockings we posted on our Facebook page yesterday we decided that we’d do a DIY blog so you could make some too! If you’re not into the “boot stocking” look then just print out the stencil and do it old school.


-Pink felt stocking
-Mulisha stencil (click here to download stencil)
-Scissors (or exacto knife)
-Stabler (fabric glue or a thread and needle will do as well)
-Spray Glue
-Thin ribbon (for laces)


Inside Out Stocking

Step 1: Turn stocking inside out.

Step 2: Cut out stencil to fit around actual stockings size and tape it to stocking to hold in place.

Cut Out Heel

Step 3: Cut out the heel of the boot and use a sharpie to make lines on the stocking of where your shoe laces will go.

Cut Seam Off

Step 4: Cut the seam off of your stocking only in the area directly in front of your sharpie marked holes (this will help you lace the boots). We cut about a quarter of an inch away from our sharpie marks.

Staple Stocking Back Shut

Step 5: Take off the tracing paper and staple the heel and bottom of boot closed (you can also sow it or use fabric glue).

Cut Holes For Laces

Step 6: To make the holes for your shoe laces fold the stocking in half for each sharpie mark and cut a line over the marker.

Lace Those Bad Boys Up!

Step 7: Flip your stocking right side out and lace up your boots!

Cut Out Stencil

Step 8: Cut out your Mulisha stencil (an exacto-knife is the easiest) and tape down in place. Make sure that each part of the stencil is taped down completely.

Step 9: Tape down some extra paper to make sure that the glue doesn’t get on anything else. Spray the can of spray glue onto the stocking about 1 foot above it.

Sprinkle Glitter

Step 10: Wait 3 seconds after you have finished spraying and then add a generous amount of glitter! Let sit for about 3 minutes then shake off the access glitter and remove stencil.

To Sharpie or Not to Sharpie

Step 11: This step is optional if you’d like to outline your stocking with a sharpie marker to add some extra pop to the heart chevron logo.

And that’s it you’re done! Stuff that bad boy with the best Metal Mulisha Maiden stuff you can find!

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide and also our Stocking Stuffers blog!

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