Maiden Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s not too late to find the right gift for that special someone (or a gift to yourself for being so amazing). We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Mulisha Maiden items to help you simplify your Holiday shopping. We broke them down into two categorizes, gifts under $25 and gifts under $50.

Make sure your gifts arrive in time! Check out our Holiday shipping deadlines:

Maidens Shipping

Muisha Maiden Gifts Under $25

The $25 and under section of gifts are a lot of fun because they make great stocking stuffers (not your typical pack of gum), they are small and easy to wrap and lets face it they wont put a hole in your wallet. Some of our favorites this Holiday season include the Dreamer crew neck tee (featured above in the two colorways), the Trek lunch bag (featured above in the white leopard), the Bowie beanie (featured above with the pink bow), our Metal Mulisha Maiden variety sticker pack (only ten bucks for a bunch of big stickers) and our new favorite, the temporary Maiden Tattoos (also ten bucks).

We have a huge selection of $22 t-shirts so feel free to check em out here: T-shirts Under $25

Big selection of accessories starting at $3 bucks and up: Accessories Under $25

Feline Wallet
Mulisha Feline Wallet $24.00

Gifts Under $50

For those special Maidens who deserve the best this Holiday season think about getting them one of our favorites in the $50 and under category such as the Jupiter dress (featured above with the one shoulder), the Supreme Being fleece (featured above with it’s front and back view), the Sparrow Rose backpack (featured above), or the Leather Kiss wallet (has a huge black leather bow, super cute).

There are a ton of purses, wallets, and backpacks all under $50 bucks: Accessories under $50

Need a dress for New Years Eve? Look no further: Dresses under $50

Ador Purse

Ardor purse $42.00

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