Introducing the Mulisha Maidens Design/Blog Team

Meet the Metal Mulisha Girls design team! We decided to make them bloggers since us guys have no idea about girls fashion and all that junk you ladies love. So if you want to read about all the latest Mulisha Maidens clothing designs, make up stuff, hot dudes, fringe, and gossip stuff from Sophia, Brenna and Victoria (not sure if that’s what it will be, but that’s what you girls like, right?), then right here on the Metal Mulisha Maidens Blog is where you want to be, and keep checking back. Oh yeah, and they have their own Metal Mulisha Maidens Facebook Page, so go like it!


Meet Victoria:
I hail from a coastal town in Texas. Yep, TX has a coast…and yep, I have a ‘lil bit of that annoying Texas pride.
I have an unhealthy obsession with my cat, Betty Jewel…better known as BJ.
I don’t have any tattoos, too much of a commitment. Piercings, not as scary.
Some know me as a ‘cougar in training’.
I have been in a bar fight…in Vegas…hair extensions and all. Jerry Springer purchased the hotel footage.
I have also adorned a black eye but that is a story for another time.
Ps- I didn’t start it y’all!


Meet Brenna:
Ice coffee is my best friend.
my closet looks like something shiny and something leopard mated and had millions of babies.
I dig guys in tight pants. HOLLA
I have no idea what I’m doing with my life, yet I’m exactly where I dreamed I’d be.
If I could meet anyone IN THE WORLD hands down it would be Alexander McQueen – RIP<3

motley crue

Meet Sohpia:
Hello Maidens!!!!! I am Sophia one of the junior’s designers for the Mulisha and I’m very happy to be starting this blog so we can keep in contact with you guys and let you know what’s going on in the Mulisha Maidens world. I just wanted to give you guys a little insight on me and let you guys into my head a little bit and see what makes me, me!
I’ve worked for the Mulisha for 3 ½” years and have loved every moment of it. Funny but I am the most tattooed girl in the office, which is crazy right! If I could have been born in anytime period it would be the 80’s big hair metal and leather two of my favorite things.


I’m the biggest girly-girly at heart that secretly loves pink and has a horrible addiction to SHOES! I’ll take a pair of Christian Louboutin any day but we keep that on the hush hush…

I know I wanted to be a designer when I saw a Vivienne Westwood fashion show when I was three…yes I still remember it, and ever since then I knew I had to be in fashion. My walk in closet is my favorite room in my house and Los Angeles is the city that has my heart…I even named my dog after it cause I love it so much!

Everyone in the office thinks is funny how much I love Star Wars! Yes I said Star Wars I have posters, toys and my favorite Stormtropper key chain that I carry everywhere for good luck you know!

Well that’s a little insight on me and I hope you guys love and enjoy what were going to be doing for all you guys out there. Love you guys and Big ups to the Mulisha Maidens…we’re here to rule the world!

Loves Hugs and Gangster tears.

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