Kelli Hutcherson Strikeforce Ring Girl & Maxim Hot 100

Kelli has been a Metal Mulisha Maiden for quite some time now. She was crowned Miss Strikeforce 2011 of the year and has been recently featured in the newest addition in the Maxim Hot 100. Check out the video we have posted below and look out for Kelli in the next Strikeforce event June 18th.

MM: How have you been lately?

Kelli: Good just tired it is my day off and had fun at a party last night.

MM: What is it like being the Ring Girl of the year?

Kelli: It is so fun. I wasn’t really a fan of MMA at first. After a few shows I started to love it and became a total fan. You get to meet so many great people, get to do fun stuff, great exposure, traveling and I am always in a great seat.

MM: So with Mulisha’s schedule, Strikeforce and everything else you are doing, you must be traveling a lot, what is that like?

Kelli: Oh yeah lots of travel, and it gets hard sometimes. I love my family but love traveling at the same time. For me I get to see the people I work with more than my family sometimes which gets difficult but it will all pay off in the end and my family is super supportive and happy for me.

MM: What is it like to have your own Metal Mulisha tee?

Kelli: I think it is so cool and I was excited to see it finished after the photoshoot. I have ran into so many people wearing it around and I even stumbled across Brody Jenner wearing it out one night.


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