Black Friday Update

You might have seen the trailer and teaser on our upcoming film “Black Friday”. If not, here is your chance to catch back up to speed with a quick trailer and some snapshots from the upcoming film produced/directed by Powerband Films’ Jay Schweitzer, produced by Shane Ruiz and co-produced by Brian Deegan and Ryan Hagy. The film is scheduled to release in November of 2011, the day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday!

Photo: Shane Ruiz

Earlier this year the crew geared up and had a epic weekend of riding at Daniel Sani’s ranch outside of Clovis, CA. From Sani’s we set direction to other riding locations such as Cameron, AZ followed by Glamis, CA and a insane riding session that finished up in Southern Californians, Ocotillo Wells.

Todd Potter, photo: Shane Ruiz

Hagy explains, “This first trip is to get everyone motivated and into the project. We’ve hired cooks, mechanics — we have five Class A motor homes — we really want to give the guys luxury style to where we can encourage them to be more motivated to make movies from now and into the future. Deegan will be involved when he can and will definitely be coming up with the skits. We still want it to be a raw Mulisha video, but with higher production value, which Schweitzer will bring.”

Brian Deegan, photo: Shane Ruiz

When asked what the fans can expect from the film once it drops, Hagy simply says, “They can expect a badass film. There’s a high budget, we’ve got helicopters and the whole deal — I mean, we’re going big!” He finishes, “I personally want this film to inspire the industry to recognize videos and athlete video parts more than they have in the past. I think it gives retired athletes, or athletes that aren’t recognized well in contests, the opportunity to let folks know that they are well rounded riders and still relevant.”

Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, photo: Shane Ruiz

More shooting trips are scheduled before the film is wrapped up. Make sure to check out the February issue of TransWorld Motocross because you won’t want to miss out on a full section of never before scene photos from the Black Friday film trip!

Derek Garland, photo: Shane Ruiz

Jimmy Hill, photo: Shane Ruiz

Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, photo: Shane Ruiz

Ronnie Faisst, photo: Shane Ruiz

Photo: Shane Ruiz

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