Get Well Soon Robbie!

Robbie Edelberg

Metal Mulisha’s Robbie Adelberg has been competing as much as possible after this year’s X Games 16, which was held in Los Angeles; CA. From Red Bull X Fighters, the 8th annual ASA Championship and many more, Rob came to a temporary painful halt last week at Alli Sports Dew Tour, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Robbie Edelberg

During the Dew Tour event Rob was riding extremely well and Twitch, Potter, Faisst, Taka, and Adelberg all eliminated their opponent in the first round, allowing them to advance to the second round. As Rob geared up and started his next run, he hit neutral as he was lined up on the dirt double out of the double, double section. With his momentum and speed target at the lip, Rob was unable to slow down in time and had to eject off of his bike. He was carted off and head to the hospital immediately to be evaluated.

Robbie Edelberg

Robbie Edelberg

Rob was struck with a long list of injuries, which include his tib and fib on right leg, a shattered right ankle, a broken left ankle and broken right wrist. So far his first surgery has been a success but has many more still in line. Get well soon Robbie and best wishes to you and your recovery!

Rob Adelberg

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Taka takes 1st against, Twitch, Potter, Adelberg, Faisst in FMX and Dosch takes 2nd in BMX!

2010 DEW Tour Utah