The Inside Look with Josh Grant

Josh what have you been up to lately and what was it like having to sit out this year’s Supercross Season?

I was just hanging out on the couch, watching the races, trying to get healthy. I had to do therapy for about three months. This is the fourth or fifth month of riding total. Right now I’m just getting back in the game and into this season of Outdoors, and getting the bike dialed in. One hundred percent of my focus is on Outdoors right now. I probably could have raced some Supercross, but I held off with the shoulder injury so I could win this year’s Outdoor championship. I am stoked to be back riding again and I’m ready to kill it!

How does your shoulder feel now?

Shoulder is good- it just took a while to get back into the groove of riding, but I feel really good and I am stoked and ready to race.

On your time off did you get a chance go to any of the Nuclear Cowboyz Tours?

Yeah, I made it to the show in Anaheim. It was a really cool show- really entertaining to see all those guys jumping at the same time. They were throwing down some sick whips, so it looks like I might have to step my game up for best whip this year in X Games!

So you will be doing X Games?

Um yeah, most likely I am in it right now but if it comes down to the championship, I might have to sit this year’s X Games out to focus and make good decisions on what I need to do and what I get paid for.

So Outdoors is a solid goal for you then?

Yes, this is my ultimate goal. When I’m at home watching the races on TV, I just want to get off the couch and beat all those guys. I built up a lot of fire sitting on that couch.

Do you feel like you are going to have any competition at all this season?

Everyone has some competition. I mean, there are forty of the fastest riders right out of the gate, so essentially everyone is a competitor and of course you’re going to have fast guys racing with you, so you’ve got to race the best you can. I have some tracks that I really like, and I am going to make that count. With the tracks I struggle with, I’m just going to try to do the best I can. You just gotta worry about yourself and beat them.

When the race is about to start and those gates drop and you are up front, what is that like?

It is the best feeling ever! You don’t have any roost in your face, it is nothing… just smooth sailing. If I can get 24 hole shots this year I will be stoked!

Have you been getting in and freestyle at all?

No, not really any right now. It’s tough to work on my freestyle skills because I need to focus on Outdoors. I want to break out the two stroke again soon and start getting greasy.

So I heard you got some other news besides moto or racing?

I am getting married and I’m super excited! Ashley is awesome- she is a huge part of the circle and a really big help for me. I am stoked to finally get married to her.

The boys want you to come down to the MM Compound, when will you show up again?

Definitely. Once this season is over, I want to go to Deegan’s and try to flip again. Maybe pull something off. I like riding with those guys, it’s always a good time.

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