Metal Mulisha Tattoos!

Over the weekend at the MCAS Miramar Demo, Mulisha fan Matt Brown got to meet Brian Deegan and get his arm autographed by the man himself. Matt then booked it straight to SD Tattoo to get Deegan’s signature forever etched on his arm. Now that’s a hardcore fan!

Matt sent over some photos and had this to say: “I just wanted to say thanks to all the guys for putting on a show for military and Deegan for signing my arm and making it a possibility. This picture is of me and Mad Mike at SD Tattoo. Fan for Life.”

Metal Mulisha Tattoo
Right on, Matt!

There are more photos in the all-new Metal Mulisha Tattoo Photo Gallery. If you have a Metal Mulisha tattoo and would like your photo in the gallery, please send your name and photos to:
[email protected]

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