The Mulisha Throws Down for the U.S. Marines!

The Metal Mulisha has always been a huge supporter of the U.S. Military and everything they do to keep our country safe and free. A lot of our clothes have a military style to them and it’s no secret that some of the most hardcore Mulisha fans are in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines! **and the Coast Guard! (thanks CHU). It’s a perfect fit. So, when we found out that the Marines wanted us to come out and do a show at the MCAS Miramar MCX, we were super pumped, to say the least.

Jeremy Lusk and Jimmy Fitzpatrick came out to huck the ramp-to-ramp, while Deegan and Faisst were on hand to shovel dirt and sign some autographs. Here are some photos from the event, and you can find a whole lot more in the photo gallery!

Metal Mulisha Marine Troops

Metal Mulisha Marine Troops
The fire department helped out a ton and watered down the dusty run-in…it was getting like Desert Storm out there!
Brian Deegan etnies
Deegan was on broom duty making sure the run-in was dialed.
Jeremy Lusk
Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Check out more photos!
Thanks again to the Marines for having us out there!

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