A Day at Deegan’s

Stopped by Deegan’s house on Tuesday to hang out for a bit and shoot some photos. Our intern for the day, DJ, had never seen any of the guys ride in person and I think he was pretty damn amp’d on it. As you can see from the video footage he was so pumped that he could barely keep the camera still! Just kidding DJ…good job buddy!

Deegan, Fluffer and Garland were riding while Twitch, Potter, Lusk and Taka were just hanging out as they just got back from Dew Tour. With X Games over it’s pretty much back to the daily grind for everyone. Riding in the morning then drink a couple beers and bull shit with the boys for the rest of the day. Livin’ the life!

Brian Deegan
Ryan Hagy
Derek Garland
Garland was working on his flip clickers and getting close!
Derek Garland
After a near-death experience over the weekend (a quad rider yardsaled right in front of him during a show in Idaho) Garland is unfazed and kicking ass!
hangin’ out

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A Day at Deegan’s